Fun At White Sands National Monument

10 02 2012

Instructions for the reader:

  1. Go to White Sands National Monument.
  2. Spend the $15 on a sled at the gift shop. It’s worth it.
  3. Bring a handheld GPS unit.
  4. Lose yourself in 200 square miles of gorgeous white gypsum sand dunes.
  5. Use the GPS to find your way back, reveling in how disorienting the dunes are.

The first couple of miles into White Sands are underwhelming. There is but one road, and it takes you between white-ish sand dunes covered in desert vegetation. Keep on going and winter arrives, with pure white snow (gypsum sand) blanketing the desert. Most people visit the park for a day, but we couldn’t help but come back for more.

The way to experience the park is with a GPS unit, walking aimlessly and getting lost in the silent and disorienting beauty of the dunes.

If you weren’t planning on a trip before reading this post, thank me afterwards.

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15 responses

10 02 2012
Brenda A.

Yup yup! Seriously one of the most fun places to visit EVER. Been a couple of times now and will always go back for more when in the vicinity. 🙂

10 02 2012

Did you guys go sledding while you were there? I love how it’s a hands on park, as opposed to some others where it’s more of a “Look, don’t touch” approach.

10 02 2012

Haven’t been since I was a kid, but I have memories of riding our big wheels down the dunes! I’m embarrassed that I haven’t made it back given I live in CO now. It’s on the short list…

Have you checked out Great Sand Dunes NP?? Also quite impressive. It was our first RV shakedown trip and we’ve since made it an annual tradition – this spring will be our third visit (bought the RV almost 2 years ago to the day…oh the memories of driving from IN to CO in/after a blizzard). Anyway, spring is the time to visit GSDNP!

10 02 2012

To be sheepishly honest, I didn’t know that Great Sand Dunes NP existed. Added to the list!

11 02 2012

Excellent adventure,down hill ski in the winter and sand ski in the summer…great stuff

11 02 2012

You guys this is amazing! My sis, Rena and I watched the video and loved it. Awesome!

13 02 2012

So when are you going? I think that you’d love the place.

12 02 2012
Bernie Horowitz

Great post! Especially loved you tumbling down the slope.

13 02 2012

Looks awesome. Glad you guys are having fun.

13 02 2012

So happy you guys stopped here. We spent a week around the area last year and LOVED it….totally agree w/ your thoughts on the place!

13 02 2012

Key question: Did you guys go sledding? 🙂

19 02 2012

Guys, this was a very entertaining video – thanks! Now I just have to find some time and get out there to try it myself.

21 02 2012

Thanks! Let us know when you make it our west. It would be cool to catch up.

28 02 2012

we were so hoping to do exactly this while by the white sands monument but the weather had other plans, it was zero degrees (literally) and so windy and cold as to be unbearable.. we just knew it wouldn’t have been fun, definitely on our next-time-list!! looks like you had a great time. t&s

29 02 2012

Man! Sounds like the gypsum “looking like snow” was closer to reality during your visit.

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