A Windy Walk Turned Mail Collecting Mission

13 02 2012

It was a windy Tuesday in El Paso, and Yair and I decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood.  As we hit the sidewalk, I noticed two pieces of mail flying around the street and ran after them.  From my new vantage point, I saw four more pieces of mail scattered about – all with the same address.

Yair and I quickly moved to collect the envelopes before they disappeared forever, and walked them over to the house that they belonged to.  I was pretty excited to personally return the mail to its owner, but there was no one home so we tucked the mail on the inside of the screen door and continued on our way.

Mighty Winds Toppled Recycling Bins in El Paso Last Week

Mighty Winds Toppled Recycling Bins in El Paso Last Week

About five minutes later as we walked down the street, we noticed that a recycling bin and its contents had been knocked over by the wind.  Yair and I were on a do-gooding streak, so we bent over and spent a moment righting the bin and returning the papers and bottles to their place.

Just then, the owner ran outside.  He had been watching us from inside the house, seemingly thinking: What are these people doing on my property?  When he realized what we were up to, a big smile erupted on his face and he ran after us in his slippers shouting “Thank you, thank you!”

Anonymous acts of kindness may be one of the highest levels of giving, but it sure feels great when you think that you are doing an anonymous act of kindess only to have a middle aged pajama-wearing man run out of his house in slippers to thank you!  🙂

Hopefully, he’ll pass it on.

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13 02 2012
The Good Luck Duck

Hi there!

Today, I asked for ideas for short-term volunteering ideas, and someone directed me to your blog. Are there some blog posts I might read about your drive-by altruism?


22 02 2012

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