Trucking Around El Paso

13 02 2012

With the exception of a drive that took us exceptionally close to Juarez, our week in El Paso didn’t feel very Texas-like. I didn’t even see the “Welcome to Texas” sign. That’s not to say that El Paso wasn’t fun, just that our experience wasn’t very stereotypically Texas.

Four things stick out in my mind when I reflect on our time in El Paso. First, we stayed in a bricks-and-mortar house. It even had a fake frog out front that ribbitted at you when you walked by. I like that our home (the RV) moves, but our part of the house alone had two bathrooms – each of which had unlimited water.

Being Smiled Upon At El Paso's Art Museum

Being Smiled Upon At El Paso's Art Museum

Second, and related to the house thing, was that our hosts graciously lent us their spare truck for the week. (Okay, maybe that’s a bit Texan.) They claimed that it was a gas guzzler, but ever since we started driving a house, “gas guzzler” brings to mind things like NASA’s crawler-transporter, which at six million pounds burns a solid 156 gallons per mile. Now that’s a gas guzzler. A Yukon? No shot.

Gas guzzler or gas sipper, it gave us a lot of freedom that we otherwise wouldn’t have had. A two mile trip to the supermarket became a no-brainer. Driving downtown to an art museum where we’d need to park by a meter? Sure!

Part Of An Interactive Exhibit

Part Of An Interactive Exhibit

Ah, the art museum. That was great! And free. We managed to cover the small museum in a couple of hours, but loved their photography exhibit on the US / Mexico border, and a section with a spectacular hyperrealism sculpture.

Finally, although Ayo was primarily in town for a few film screenings, we also threw in a couple of programs at a local school. We took over a 7th & 8th grade science class for an astronomy program, and Ayo led a hooping class for the entire school. (We thought that it would just be for a few grades!)

Ayo Teaching Hooping

Ayo Teaching Hooping

We’ve hit “real Texas” now, and are taking in some of the contrasts between Texas and most of the other places that we’ve been. Definitely more trucks. Lots more trucks.

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4 responses

13 02 2012

Hooping class for the whole school – cool! How’d that come about? Have you seen any long-horns yet? Then you’ll know you are really in Texas. Oh yeah and look out for the hats 🙂

13 02 2012

Not only did we see long horns, but we saw them attached to THE ROOF OF A STATION WAGON. So, yes…

We’re definitely in Texas now.

13 02 2012

Sounds like fun times! I’ve never been to TX but want to go. You guys continue to be an inspiration, thanks for the invite to SXSW also =)

13 02 2012

So… will we see you there? 🙂

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