Two New Yorkers Visit Marfa

16 02 2012

Bike theft is a big deal in New York City, but apparently the brave citizens of Marfa aren’t too worried about it. Marfa’s reputation as a Texas artist’s colony is what brought us to town, but after exploring some funky galleries and a Warhol exhibit we realized that we were out of wine and tortillas. (An interesting combination, I know. They weren’t going to be paired.)

Enter the Marfa market. We hop on our bikes and pedal our way down Main Street, passing an older woman on a cargo tricycle. Arriving at the market, we whip out our two Kryptonite U-locks and single cable lock and begin the 1-2 minute process of securing our inexpensive mountain bikes.

Note The Unlocked Cargo Trike In The Background

Note The Unlocked Cargo Trike In The Background

What happens next is pure small town. The woman on the cargo bike pulls up next to us, having caught up in the time we were fiddling with our locks. She leaves her bike next to the bike rackunlocked, and heads inside to do her shopping.

You can take the guy out of New York City, but to some degree you can’t take the New York City out of the guy.

PS – Marfa was pretty cool.

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16 02 2012
Pam Leonard

That’s the best part of traveling…getting to know the different local idiosyncrasies! We haven’t locked our house or our car in the last few towns we have lived in. My mother, who lives less than an hour from us, is appalled by this behavior and wouldn’t be able to sleep at night! I admit I’d be a bit nervous about leaving my bike unlocked anywhere, though.

18 02 2012

Hi, or I should say Howdy, Yair and Ayo – Lisa here (from San Diego)
Just stopped by to check out the latest on you guys and you’re in Texas! (If you recall, my home state) And I have never even heard of Marfa.Just another argument to become a nomad, I guess. : )
I love the idea of not having to lock up your bike, and probably not your house either. When I ride here in S. California, I don’t just lock up but I take my gel seat with me too, having already lost one to a thief. Sigh…there’s much to be said for small town life. I suppose if you stole someone’s bike they are sooner or later gonna see you on it.
Hey, I will be in Austin Mar 8-15 or so; if you guys are in town then too, drop me a line if you need to get hooked up with a place to park, shower or anything. (My parents & sibling live there) Also, I suggested a great vegan restaurant in Austin in an earlier reply to one of your posts but I’ll mention it again b/c I think it’s fantastic: Casa de Luz

18 02 2012

I just have to add to my reply above because I think it’s pretty funny. Here I am, waiting to go to Austin so I can eat at Casa de Luz. I found their website so I could put up the link for you and after replying, I went back to their website to browse and I can’t believe it! Casa de Luz has one other location and yep… it’s in San Diego. Thrilling!

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