The Land of Trucks and Cowboys

21 02 2012

Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas any moreUmm… Toto? I see lots of trucks and cowboys. Where are we?

You’re in Texas, Dorothy. Duh.

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7 responses

21 02 2012

oh man i SO wish you guys were on burgers. san antonio has best EVER. enjoy your tofu and fixins though!!! yee haw

21 02 2012

Howdy Partner,

Strangely enough, San Antonio similarly and unexpectedly has possibly the best ever veg food I’ve had.

22 02 2012
romelia (roni)

you are right. must be here for the rodeo thats the best.

22 02 2012
romelia (roni)

yip san antonio does

22 02 2012
romelia (roni)

i can’t believe you guys came thru san antonio. we would of loved to take you to dinner. the trucker girls you met in california while your r.v was getting checked out. just in case you forgot who we were ….lol

22 02 2012

NO WAY! Of course we remember, and I can’t believe that we missed you. Let’s meet up in Austin sometime over the next few months.

23 02 2012

Yes, please come meet up in Austin! There’s a chance we might come to San Antonio in May, so if that happens, we’ll definitely let you know.

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