The Yoga Rebbe

25 02 2012

Tonight Yair and I reunited with friends who we hadn’t seen in over two years since our time living and working on a luxury resort in the Dominican Republic.

Within our first ten minutes together, one of our friends told me that she had especially brought her yoga outfits for me and was ready for a yoga-packed weekend.

I had no idea why she was telling me this.  Were we going to work out together?  That sounded good, but a bit out of the blue.  After all, I had attended the occasional yoga class over the past year, but wouldn’t consider myself to be particularly advanced in the practice.

Celebrating a Birthday in the Dominican Republic

Celebrating a Birthday in the Dominican Republic

Then I remembered:  I taught yoga in the Dominican Republic.   I was her yoga teacher.  For most of the people at the resort, I was probably their only ever exposure to the practice of yoga and was still regarded as their “yoga rebbe” (teacher).

It’s hard to believe that the DR was a whole two years ago, yet at the same time ‘Amy The Yoga Teacher’ seems like an entirely different person than ‘Ayo The Hooping / Volunteering RVer’.

Time flies.  And life happens fast.  I wonder what hat I will be wearing two years from now…

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3 responses

25 02 2012

So, so true. Life can change drastically in just a few months. That could be a reason to live in the moment more, or a reason to have hope if you’re going through a shitty time!

25 02 2012

p.s. when you guys coming to MN, I want a hoop lesson 😉

28 02 2012

Deal! No Minnesota plans yet, but if/when we do, you and I totally have a date. 🙂

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