On Wednesday the Vegans Ate Eggs and Pizza

1 03 2012

And still claim to be vegan. Kind of. I approach veganism from – simplified – the perspective that I wouldn’t like an uncomfortable life, nor one that was ended early. Therefore, I don’t want that for another animal. To me, those two sentences are at the core of the word vegan. It’s the best word that I know of to refer to the way I eat, although if I were to use two words, “ethical eating” might fit better.

Theoretically, I don’t have a problem with eating eggs. Hens lay them naturally, and if the eggs aren’t fertilized they hang around on the ground and rot while the hen keeps laying more eggs. A bit silly if you ask me, but that’s the way it works. Among other things, I don’t like the idea of forced molting, mass debeaking, rooster killing and keeping hens in cages where they can’t move around. Keeping a hen in your backyard? Fine by me.

So, a few weeks ago in Bandera I bought 18 eggs from – of all people – a taxidermist! He charged $3 for those eggs, and I have zero problem with eating them. He has three acres of land behind his house, and he keeps around 40 hens that run around all day doing whatever hens do, including laying eggs. Tasty, tasty eggs.

Our remaining eggs (we're rationing them!)

Our remaining eggs (we're rationing them!)

As for the pizza, that one was a simpler story. Ayo presented Faces of Israel at a teen program last night and they somehow ordered 25 pies too many. Yes, twenty five extra pies. And they had no clue what to do with them. Extra food at an event. Food that no one can figure out what to do with? Deal. Twenty two pies went to the police station next door, and three – minus four slices – are in our freezer.

I don’t think that we’ll have the opportunity to get truly happy eggs or surplus pizza any time soon, but on Wednesday the vegans at eggs and pizza. And my, were they good.

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3 responses

1 03 2012
Brenda A.

Eighteen free range eggs for $3? Oh you got a sweet DEAL! 🙂

1 03 2012

If you want to live in Bandera in exchange for a couple of bucks off of your eggs, go for it! I’m not sure that it’s your kind of settling-down place, though. It’s a wee bit super duper Texas conservative.

1 03 2012

Just another “vegan” chiming in to say I have the exact same opinion about eggs.

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