Is Houston Boring?

6 03 2012

Our impression of Houston is that it’s just another big city. Granted, that impression was mostly driven by our not exploring much and hearing from residents that the place was pretty drab, but our overall experience was great. Why? Because we had quiet parking, an outlet providing 50 amps of sweet, sweet electricity, and access to a spa.

We were in Houston because Ayo had a bunch of speaking gigs in town. The bookings were at a number of Jewish schools and the local JCC ended up hosting us.

Spiffed out for a speaking gig

Spiffed out for a speaking gig

To clear up any possible confusion, JCCs are open to anyone. They are usually in or near Jewish communities, but most JCCs that I’ve been to have a very diverse membership.

The Houston JCC apparently hosts a circus camp each summer and the camp is run by an RVer. That explained the strange yet welcome existence of an outdoor 50 amp outlet. As an added bonus, we were gifted tickets to a downtown theater performance on our first day, as well as passes to the JCC.

That gave us each access to precisely one sauna, one steam room, and one jacuzzi more than we usually have. And we totally took advantage of it.

When the dinette got too crowded, I decided to join the masses (*click to embiggen)

When the dinette got too crowded, I decided to join the masses in punny protest

I’m writing this on a plane somewhere on its way from NY to Dallas, so we’re obviously not in Houston at the moment. Further location updates to come. (Or you can just sneak a look at the “Where are we today?” widget on the upper-right of your screen.)

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6 03 2012

Hey Guys – Galveston has an interesting Jewish History – most interesting when told by the locals. See if you can find any old-timers to fill you in.

6 03 2012

Oh, man. We were in Galveston but didn’t explore the Jewish community there. What’s so interesting?

6 03 2012

Untrue! The library we visited had a museum and a whole exhibit window was dedicated to the Jewish immigrants of the area, remember? 🙂

9 03 2012

Well when I was in Austin, I met some old timers who told me about the “original” Jewish Texans and how he and his family had been in Galveston for generations. I think there’s also a small shul there that gives tours. Anyhow maybe you’ll meet him in Austin, if you visit the shul near the HEB (though honestly I think it’s more interesting to stick near downtown and the waterfront)- I forgot his name but he had a huge hat and Galveston accent…but then that describes a lot of people 🙂 Also, I made a friend in Austin, an Israeli with a great jetski, who might be open to friendship and sharing some fun on the lake, if you want to be put in touch.

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