A Trip Back In Time

13 03 2012

Sherwood Forest Faire, February 27, 1562

McDade, TX

My brother Yudi and his wife Andrea have been renaissance fair(e?) attendees for years. While they’re not evangelists, the few stories that they’ve told have kept me curious. Once our LA friend Shawn – a serious “Ren Faire” guy – invited Ayo to a class on renaissance improv, Ayo was set on attending a fair.

In Houston, Ayo thought to look online for Texas fairs and lo and behold, there was one taking place between Houston and Austin coinciding with the day that we planned to be there. Perfect!

At the "Highland Armory"

At the "Highland Armory"

Oh, man. We’ll be going again. Great costumes! Fun (and occasionally crude) humor! Nonstop music and entertainment all day! Free overnight RV parking!

I particularly enjoyed the 1500s-ified references to modern technology, like the iPhonograph that rang during a jester show and the “compact magic disc” that Vana Mazi had for sale (I bought one).

Wild costumes!

Wild costumes! (These were 'darker' than most of the other costumes)

If you’re at all curious about what the fuss is all about, or if you just want to see grown adults dressed like 1500s blacksmiths, find a faire near you.

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13 03 2012

An incredible time. During the theatrical Shakespeare farce that we attended, the actors divided the audience into two groups and then goaded them into participation, like so:

“Montagues, thumb your nose at the Capulets!” and “Capulets, waft your pits at the Montagues!”

There were over 100 live performances each day and I got put in the stocks for wearing sweatpants (indecency)… until Robin Hood came along and saved me. 🙂

13 03 2012

Love this stuff!

15 03 2012

Have you been to a fair? You’d totally dig it.

13 03 2012
Brenda A.

We had sooooo much at our first faire last month. Totally going to be up for that again! Glad it worked out so great for you to get to one. 🙂

14 03 2012
Carol J Kerr

Welcome to Austin! Hope you enjoy your time here. We’re madly packing and delivering things to Goodwill as we need to be in Branson, MO to start our first workamping adventure on Monday otherwise we’d come say hi!

15 03 2012

Oh, man. Ayo’s in Oklahoma ’til Friday evening, but I’d love to meet you if you find a spare minute!

15 03 2012

SO LOVE this kind of stuff. Still haven’t been to a Renaissance Fair in the US (went to similar things over in the UK and had a blast), but it’s on the list.

16 03 2012

That’s really interesting in light of Wikipedia’s contention that Ren Fairs are more of an American phenomenon. I wonder how your Stateside fair experience will compare.

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