Targeted Spending (aka “I’ve Got New Headphones”)

16 03 2012

I didn’t know how much enjoyment my iPod could deliver. Back in the day when I was a pretty serious guitarist I had a pair of excellent over-ear headphones, but since then I’ve sunk to the embarrassingly low level of ordering sub-$3 headphones direct from China. They even come with free shipping, which is mind-boggling.

While my musical interests have always been diverse, I’ve recently gotten into electronic dance music, perhaps influenced by the massive sound camps at Burning Man. (One of the French Quarter theme camps at Burning Man proudly advertises that they have “Music with words.”) You can’t have a full experience of most electronic music without a good sound system. The music sounds particularly thin without bass response between ~20Hz and ~90HZ. And with my new over-ear headphones that have a powered subwoofer, I’ve spent the last week in sonic bliss.

My New Headphones (Stock Photo)

My New Headphones (Stock Photo)

My new headphones aren’t super high-end, but they’re a huge step up from my old Chinese throwaways and they compare well with $150 options that I’ve tested. They keep sounds where they’re supposed to be: the music stays in, and outside noise stays out. I can listen to great music sitting right next to Ayo without her noticing. (The sound, that is. I’m pretty hard to miss.)

All of that brings me to targeted spending. We spend our money where it will most impact our quality of life, particularly when it comes to “stuff.” I don’t have an iPad because I doubt that it would bring me significantly more enjoyment than my MacBook Air. In that calculation is the question of where to put it and a nebulous cost of “owning more stuff.” For that particular example, dollars and cents are less important than the question of “How much will this positively impact my quality of life?”

I love finding relatively inexpensive things that can significantly improve my day-to-day life experience, and my new headphones fit the bill.

Happy with my purchase.

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