A Library Card Story

20 03 2012

We both love to read, and when we found out that a three-month non-resident Austin library card cost $20 we thought that it was totally worth it. On our first day in town we visited our nearest branch and asked a librarian how we could go about applying for one.

Some of the books that we have out

Some of the books that we have out

“So where are you guys from?”

“New York, but we’re traveling now.”

“Oh, New York? Okay. Come with me.”

[He takes us to another part of the library]

“Okay, I’m from New York too. Jamaica Estates. I’ll take care of you.

Here’s what you’re going to do: Send yourself a letter this afternoon. It doesn’t even have to have anything in it. It’ll arrive tomorrow. Bring it here tomorrow with your New York IDs and you’ll have permanent library cards for free. I take care of New Yorkers. There are lots of New Yorkers here.”

We are now the proud owners of two sketchy Austin library cards.

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One response

20 03 2012
Brenda A.

You two attract all kinds of goodness! Way to go. 🙂

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