I Made A Bicycle Rack… With a MIG Welder

26 03 2012

Really. I made one. From steel. With a MIG welder. Welding is fun!

GE Garage was a SXSW event that displayed a variety of cool technologies in action: 3-D printing, injection moulding, laser cutting, and welding. The welding area allowed the brave to try a weld.

A 3-D printer brings forth a HAND!

A 3-D printer brings forth a HAND!

After donning a heavy black jacket, gloves, and a very cool face shield* Ayo and I went through the fun motions of tacking and laying down a bead. Ayo dropped out after having some molten metal land on her toe (nothing too bad, but not fun), but I stayed on, encouraged by my welding-guru-to-be Heather.

Heather teaching Welding 101

Heather teaching Welding 101

Apparently I have a knack for welding, because, well, Heather told me so. Having finished the standard GE Garage welding experience I thought that I was done for the day, but then Heather dropped the bomb: “So, do you want to make something?” Hell yes.

And we were on our way toward building a bicycle rack. Coincidentally, a film crew happened to be coming through the area while we were sweating our asses off in direct sunlight wearing heavy black armor. After about 20 minutes of filming my bike rack progress they asked if they could interview me for the GE YouTube channel. Sure! It should be up in a couple of weeks.

One of the bike racks made that day (not mine)

One of the bike racks made that day (not mine)

I want to weld more! My bike rack is being donated to the city of Austin for placement on a city street, and I’ve been noticing welds on everything. ATX Hackerspace may be a good place to continue the fun.

*The face shield has an electronic LCD shutter that darkens automatically when exposed to the bright welding arc, allowing the welder to see their work under normal ambient light while wearing the helmet.

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27 03 2012

You and Christine can bond on this next time we meet, she loves welding!

27 03 2012

Got a welder in the RV? We’ll need an 80 amp hookup, so maybe we can string together some outlets at your next RV park. It totally works like that, right? 🙂

27 02 2017

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