Scooting About Town

28 03 2012

[Written last week]

We’ve only had our scooter for five days and it’s already hard to imagine how we lived without it. Five days and we’ve driven over 100 miles… on a smidgen over one gallon of gas.

Our Yet-Unnamed Scooter, With Arvie

Our Yet-Unnamed Scooter, With Arvie

Our scooter is a Kymco Agility 125, a workhorse with more than enough power to take us anywhere but the freeway. A new world has been opened. No more thinking about the hassle of moving the RV, no more thinking about parking in the heart of downtown. No more thinking “Do I really want to go bike there?” Now it’s such a simple decision: hop on the scooter and go check it out.

That's Ayo's Helmet On The Side

That's Ayo's Helmet On The Side

We got a really great deal on our ride, and as an added bonus Ayo has started giving me back massages at red lights. I can’t see us living without a zippy way to get about town. The gas saved and freedom gained is huge, and we were thinking that since our RV gas mileage is pretty crappy, that we could tow the RV with the scooter.

And My Helmet!

And My Helmet!

Our parents have taken the scooter well. We drive defensively, always wear our helmets, and have a ridiculously reflective jacket for night riding. Also, our horn is shockingly loud. I almost jumped out of my seat when I first tested it.

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28 03 2012

Boy have we been seriously thinking about getting a scooter as well. Seems a happy medium between the bikes and the RV… without going all the way to a car. How will you be mounting it? On the back?
That’s a sweet two person bike… and as you say “Gained Freedom!” We’re ready. Cheers.

28 03 2012

I used to recommend solar + inverter as upgrade #1 for new RVers. I still do, but scooter probably comes in as an easy second.

I’m installing a front hitch receiver on the RV today. I can return it for free if it doesn’t work out, so I’m going to give that a shot with a motorcycle carrier and see how it works out.

And the bike is perfect for two. Great seat height, long seat, comfortable foot rest for the passenger, and a powerful enough engine to take some solid hills riding double.

1 04 2012

Awesome! Swing by the library and see if they have a copy of Proficient Motorcycling by David Hough. Fantastic book that will give you many tips on how to protect yourselves while out there scooting around

1 04 2012

Thanks for the suggestion! Yair may have read it before, but we just put a library hold on the book and it never hurts to freshen up. 🙂

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