Our Film Debut!

1 04 2012

Well, sort of.  This past fall, Yair and I were contacted by a television director working on a documentary called RV Nation for the Canadian History Channel.  We had a cameraman follow us for two days during the making of the pitch reel and were told that we would be contacted if the producers decided to move forward with production.

The cool news:  We were chosen!  Yair and I were featured in the pitch reel and selected to be part of the documentary.

The oh-well news:  The producers decided not to move forward with the project, so our being chosen is more of a hypothetical reality.

Without further ado, I give you the pitch reel followed by our snarky comments:

1.  Yair and I were both interviewed and given equal time during the shooting, but I guess the producers prefer to focus on one character for the pitch itself.  (Yair’s note: “Ayo is definitely more articulate than I am, but I’ve consciously upped my articulaticuity over the past bunch of months.”)

2.  Apparently, when you super slow down my hooping, I stick my tongue out when concentrating.  Who knew?  Also, my hooping is way cooler now.

3.  Our hair color was very bright.  I really don’t think that it was as shockingly loud as it appeared on camera, but we had put in the color for the first time ever on our own the day before the filming, so that’s what we get for being adventurous.

4.  Much of the reel was natural and unposed.  While our cameraman did interview us, most of the speaking came from casual conversation and the B-roll was of us going about our daily routine.

5.  We felt that the reel did an awesome job of capturing a slice of our Oregon experience, and kind of want them to re-join us every few months for new adventures.  I’m imagining an Austin pitch reel with hooping, food courts, yoga, rock climbing, teaching and… our brand new scooter!  Dugald, if you’re listening, how about sending Marc back for a few days?  🙂

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2 04 2012

Okay, so now I want a hula hoop…

The point you both make about being faced with what to do now that you have nobody telling you what you should do, is absolutely right on.

Great snap shot of the lifestyle. Cheers!

22 05 2012

Thanks, Jeanette!

I think that I’m now – two years into RVing – just starting to fully adjust to making my own schedule and choices. Wild.

2 04 2012

How Cool!!!! I totally enjoy following your blog. I follow 3 RV’ing blogs – yours for the 20 something perspective, another for the 40 something perspective, and yet another for the 50+ perspective. Your enthusiasm for new adventures and experiences is inspiring – especially while staying so grounded in who you are. Thanks for blogging, I will continue to follow and enjoy.

22 05 2012

Thanks for your comment and I’m glad that you enjoy our blog!

Let’s make a deal: We’ll keep adventuring and – if we ever make it to your neck of the woods – you’ll let us know so that we can meet up, okay? 🙂

2 04 2012


i asked m how to get it and she showed me. i watched it; it was compelling. i would have watched the series had it aired. it was like a travelog and very nice places at that (really liked the waterfall and your hooping which i can’t do). love, d

2 04 2012

Gee, I wonder who Dopps and M are.
Love, J 🙂

22 05 2012

I love our family. Dorks. 🙂

2 04 2012

Ayo & Yair,
I have been following your blog since the RTR, great blog & great video..
PS. I still have you pheasant feathers saved.


22 05 2012

We should have a mid-summer RTR! Or a fall one… Winter seems too far away.

Thanks for the love and see you on the road!

2 04 2012

Great video! The word needs to get out that the RV lifestyle can be accessible to anyone, not just retirees.

22 05 2012

True that. RVing can be for any age that desires it.

Actually, just this past month, we’ve met six more young RVers in their twenties and thirties who were traveling through Austin and reached out to us to connect. We’re not the babies anymore! 🙂

2 04 2012

simultaneously hilarious and awesome. poor yair – not exactly balanced coverage, eh? though amy, you did do a very good job of articulation. maybe you should use your documentary skills and film a movie on your own…

22 05 2012

Perhaps. Or I could commission you to do it? 🙂

And yeah, I was pretty red-faced when we first watched the clip and saw that they didn’t have as much of Yair speaking. [blush]

2 04 2012
Sharona Guggenheim

Great job on this. I feel inspired to explore the world a little more, even in the confines of my working life, and to do more volunteer work. Yair, the blond hair color suits you well. Hope to see you guys soon!

22 05 2012

Thanks, Sharona! Yair is thinking of going blonde again later this week, but maybe a lighter blonde not a yellow one.

Keep me posted if you end up doing any volunteering. That’s awesome!

4 04 2012

Nice! Too bad the project isn’t moving forward. As a newcomer to fulltiming, I think it would have been awesome to share the young fulltimer experience with the world. I’ve been stalking your blog for a few months now and am always excited to see what other young fulltimers are doing.

22 05 2012

Welcome to RVing, Nikki! Super exciting.

I also thought the series would have been awesome, but what can you do? Do let us know if you’ll be passing through Austin in the next month or so. It would be great to meet up.

4 04 2012
Chef Ted

Hi Ayo and Yair,
I have stumbled upon your most cool adventure! In my early twenties I too went a roaming, ignoring my parent’s worries about “ambition”, looking for the answer. I never found it, but went many places on your international “wish list”. Three children, a career, 35 years later, I am itching to have another most cool adventure! If you need boondocking space near Charlottesville in the future, don’t hesitate to contact me.

22 05 2012

Hi Ted!

That’s really awesome and generous of you. Thanks for reaching out to share a taste of your story and I look forward to learning more about you should we find ourselves in Charlottesville.

Warm Regards!

4 04 2012

Congrats on the film debut!! VERY exciting!!

22 05 2012

Super exciting. A belated thanks for your enthusiasm! 🙂

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