We’re On Our Way To Israel! (And A Travel Tip)

5 04 2012

As of three days ago our Passover plans were to be in Austin, but at the last-minute we received an invitation from Ayo’s parents to join them in Jerusalem and we accepted. Grabbing those tickets wasn’t as no-brainer as it may seem. We’re digging Austin and didn’t want to be away for long. Eleventh-hour holiday tickets are hard to come by, which made direct flights an impossibility and gave us an unusually high “travel time : time in destination” ratio.

Nevertheless, here we are in Houston waiting for our afternoon flight to Tel Aviv (via Frankfurt). We’re excited to spend the holiday with Ayo’s parents and sisters, and to see some close friends who live in Jerusalem. On top of that, my younger brother is coincidentally in Israel for the next week, so it’ll be great to see him as well.

Looking out toward the bar from my seat

Looking out toward the bar from my seat

Now, for the travel tip: We have a painfully long layover in Houston, but we’re spending it in the United Club lounge. We don’t have super-status, but I do know a thing or two about traveling smart. A day-pass for the lounge runs $ , but they can be had on Craigslist for much cheaper. We’ve received them in the past through credit card promotions, but yesterday a lovely guy named Feng sold me two United Club passes for $30 flat.

Light meals (including pre-Passover bagels!), quiet, space, abundant comfy chairs, open bar, wifi, electricity. Seven hours of that for $15? Count me in.

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5 04 2012

Dopps says that there are showers at that lounge as well if you want to use them.

Safe travels!

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