Imagination Series: Idea #1

14 04 2012

Last July, I shared a three-part post with cool ideas for the taking.  My mind is always generating new batches of fun ideas, so I bring you a series of posts called the “Imagination Series”.

(Same rules as last time:  Read my ideas, enjoy them and let me know if you want to partner to develop any of these story lines into something cool!)

Playing With A Friend's Shape-Forming Thing - Scary and Awesome at the Same Time...  Just Like Idea #1

Playing With A Friend's Shape-Forming Thing - Scary and Awesome at the Same Time... Just Like Idea #1

Idea #1:  A Conspiracy Novel

I watched an incredible TED Talk on prenatal learning and a fetus’ capacity for absorbing the world around her in utero.  This novel would be a futuristic conspiracy where the government realizes that it can take advantage of this key nine-month period to educate the fetuses and give their citizens a head start.

The first generation of program administrators are good-intentioned, creating government-paid centers where pregnant women can retreat to and relax with their fetuses at no cost to them. Within fifty years, however, a new generation of administrators recognize the potential and capacity of these centers for indoctrinating the next generation and require all pregnant women to spend the full nine months of their pregnancy at a government training center or risk the unspoken punishments of the republic.

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25 04 2012

And in this future state, the authorities are able to determine the innate intelligence of each fetus and thereby tailor the indoctrination to match the capabilities of the fetus. Each fetus is programmed to fulfill its destiny that the state deems is appropriate to the fetus, as defined by the state and based on prenatal testing. The fetus is programmed to fulfill this destiny without rebellion “for the good of the state and humankind.” The philosophical question of free will is no longer at issue. Everyone is a willing servant of the state, which is designed to profit the power elite. (Of course, a hero class steps in.)

1 05 2012

Ooh, I love it! Lisa, you should write this thing! I’ll co-write or edit or something.

3 05 2012

A documentary ..but of the future. I like that idea (but maybe it’s been done before).

6 05 2012

Intriguing… 🙂

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