Imagination Series: Idea #2

18 04 2012

Earlier this week, I shared idea #1 in the Imagination Series and outlined the plot for a cool conspiracy novel.  Idea #2 takes us in a slightly different direction.

Idea #2:  A Science-Fiction Novel

Aliens from the peaceful yet quirky galaxy of Zeng convene a meeting and decide to send scouts to Planet Green for three months of undercover investigation.  The Zengians are told to learn as much as they can about the behaviors of earthlings – specifically those who call themselves human.

Alien Invaders? (Or People We Saw At Ren Faire...)

Alien Invaders? (Or People We Saw At Ren Faire...)

Upon landing in the plains of Kansas City, the scouts observe that the humans have begun enslaving other non-human species, entrapping them and eating their flesh. The Zengians reason that humans must be xenophobic and eat their enemies in an almost-cannabilistic way.  The scouts prepare to launch an offensive attack to defeat the humans so that they won’t end up as space delicacies on an earthling plate.

A young group of vegan and vegetarian fighters must band together to make inter-galactic peace and teach peaceful eating methods to the universe.

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