Brotherly Love

22 04 2012

People on motorcycles tend to feel a kinship with each other. Biker bars are an obvious manifestation of this, but that bond is also exhibited on a daily basis in the “Two Finger Flip” or even “The Big One”.

Peace on a magnet, but a secret hand greeting to a motorcyclist

It may mean "peace" on a magnet, but it's a secret hand greeting to a motorcyclist

I have my motorcycle license, but I don’t pretend that our scooter is a motorcycle. It can go surprisingly fast, but it’s definitely a scooter: step-through frame, large underseat storage, and a relatively small engine.

However… despite our couldn’t-be-more-differentness, today I received my first Two Finger Flip from a guy on a chopper (see photo below for an example). He was wearing a black skullcap helmet, leathers with fringes, had a big white beard, and the rumble from his bike was capable of starting a small earthquake on a Caribbean island.

Not a scooter

Not a scooter

And I got a Two Finger Flip! I returned the gesture. A barrier was broken. This chopper / scooter interaction was like an interracial marriage in 1950s Alabama. Like a woman voting in the presidential election of 1920. Like a guy on a chopper going, “Hey buddy, we both ride things with engines and two wheels. Peace.”


*Yes, I’m sure that it wasn’t a “one finger flip.”

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5 responses

22 04 2012

Welcome to the club my friend!!! Next we are together we can switch bikes. 🙂

22 04 2012

A Two Finger Flip to you, my friend!

22 04 2012

Sometimes I like to switch it up and give them an “I love you” in sign language. Isn’t that what they’re really saying anyway?

22 04 2012


28 04 2012

SO cool!! love this (;

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