Imagination Series: Idea #3

24 04 2012

This post is part three of my Imagination Series, documenting the brewing concoctions of my restless mind.

Idea #3:  A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Book

It is the year 2050 at 7:52 AM Jerusalem time.  Suddenly and unexpectedly, all the touch screens of the world go blank.  Humans are confused, wiggling their fingers in an attempt to restore the images that were just moments ago playing on their palms – the latest in touch screen technology.

An announcement begins and the world braces itself for the message it is about to receive:  One month from today, God will reveal Godself to the world from atop Mount Scopus in Jerusalem.  Once the shock wears off, the anticipation sets in and the world’s citizens furiously begin preparations for this great day.  Religions set up booths and knock on doors, trying to convert the masses before their time is up. Scientists situate measuring instruments all around the mountain to prepare for the charlatan who is sure to arrive.  Politicians speak, mega-churches are stormed and fervor seizes the inhabitants of the world until the day of the grand unveiling finally arrives.

Is the Lord really a lizard?

Is the Lord really a lizard?

Depending on the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure reader’s choice (and based on non-easily-predictable information):

  1. God is revealed to the masses as Jewish / Christian / Muslim / Insert Religion Here / Man / Woman… and chaos ensues as the crusades of the 21st century are sparked by the newly elected class
  2. The “chosen people” are revealed as a small, little-known and not-yet-discovered clan and the world sets out on a search to find this lost yet holy tribe
  3. God is revealed as a prairie dog (or gecko)… and humans learn their place in the intellectual and spiritual hierarchy of Earthkind, as well as improving their group snuggle and fly-catching abilities

Choose your own adventure!

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7 responses

25 04 2012

Hilarious and awesome. I’m partial to #2; reminds me of a mix of Kurt Vonnegut and Douglas Adams.

25 04 2012

I’m partial to #3. Gecko.

1 05 2012

Ribbit! No, that’s not right.

What sounds do geckos make?

1 05 2012

That’s high praise. I love those authors. 🙂

26 04 2012
Bernie Horowitz

And what about those scientists who invested so much time, effort and money? Do they ultimately triumph or fall to their knees?

1 05 2012

Ooh, excellent point! I overlooked our scientists. We’ll have to add a fourth option to our adventure book.

1 05 2012

Hey Bernie, want to sign on as a co-author? 🙂

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