Our Austin Community

28 04 2012

For the first time since we’ve been on the road I’m starting to feel like we are part of a community, rather than being people visiting a community. We have friends here – some close ones too.

Our social scene developed almost exclusively through the circus arts community in Austin. Before we arrived Ayo had researched the hooping scene, which is pretty intertwined with the other flow arts such as poi, fire spinning, juggling, and acroyoga.

Ayo Flying With Kai

Ayo Flying With Kai

On Sundays you can find us at C.U. @ Circus in Zilker Park. Wednesdays at Longhorn Circus by the UT Tower, and on Fridays by the Palmer Events Center at Acro Jam. In between we’re hanging out with people that we’ve met through those circles and others. Watch this 40 second video. You won’t regret it.

Our community here is fun, energetic (of necessity), athletic and eclectic. One of the founders of Longhorn Circus is studying Geosystems Engineering and Hydrology, while another teaches juggling. Some are software developers while others own yoga studios and wait tables. Diverse.

Ashlyn Flying Her Boyfriend's Cat :-)

Ashlyn Flying Her Boyfriend's Cat 🙂

Having an active long-term (for us!) community of like-minded people is a treat, and we’re digging the change of pace. Or at least I am. Ayo is enjoying it too, but she’s spending much of April traveling for Faces of Israel. Check out her crazy, crazy schedule! In the meantime, I’m enjoying Austin on behalf of the two of us.

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4 responses

29 04 2012
Carol Kerr

I figured you two would enjoy Austin. I miss it but am enjoying new places.

29 04 2012

You didn’t pick a bad time of year to head out. If this place weren’t so damn cool (ha) we’d be heading out within a week or two.

29 04 2012
Cherie - @Technomadia

So glad you guys are feeling connected in Austin, and looking forward to seeing you soon!

Feeling *part* of a community (and not just a visiting outsider) is something I deeply miss and crave. Especially after these past several months of isolation while undergoing an intense experience.

30 04 2012

We’re looking forward to embracing you both and – if you stick around Austin for long enough to meet some cool peeps – would love to introduce you to our community. xo

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