Austin Adventures

16 05 2012

Though there are a lot of things that I have recently wanted to share on the blog, I haven’t been posting quite as frequently because we’ve been playing, exploring and living so much that it has left less down time for computering and recording our adventures.

Each weekend boasts a new festival, outdoor swimming, hiking and social get-togethers with friends.  My April Faces of Israel schedule was insanity and the weekdays now seem to go by just as quickly. Over the past few weeks, Austin offered and we attended:

  • the Univision Cinco de Mayo celebration, where we likely were the only two people in the crowd whose mother tongue was not Spanish
  • the Taste of Health: Austin Chef Showdown, where 15 restaurants distributed free samples of their tastiest, healthiest items and everyone got to vote on the best ones
  • the Great Grown-Up Spelling Bee, an amazingly creative and fun competition and fundraiser for literacy in Central Texas, where Yair won the audience spell!
  • the Honk! crazy marching bands festival, where one of our favorite bands Best Best Best Friends used a megaphone as their mic and amplification system
  • the Pecan Street Festival, which featured live performances on three stages and hundreds of creative art booths
  • multiple performances and cultural offerings at UT Austin, including the Southeast Asian Student Association’s annual talent show
  • a Bollywood version of Shakespeare’s 12th Night, which admittedly was better in idea than reality
  • late night acro-jams, bonfires with s’mores, cuddle puddles and assorted misadventures

We’ve just reached out to the local Jewish Family Services office to start visiting individuals who may be lonely and in need of cheerful companions.  We are really happy here despite the fact that moving on to other locations could offer national parks, northern states, Alaska, Burning Man and other summer adventures.  For all the thrill of nomadism, it’s amazing how at home we are in Austin – with a semi-permanent and totally sweet living accommodation and loving friends in an amazing city.

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PS – I keep seeing audition notices for dancers and performers in the paper and then wonder whether we’ll be around long enough for them to be worthwhile.  Likely not, but it’s fun to entertain the casting calls all the same!

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