A Shared Interest

19 05 2012

When Yair and I were dating, he promised me that – within three years – he would become such a good dancer that he would put Johnny from Dirty Dancing to shame.  This was quite the promise and it thrilled me as I loved the idea of having a boyfriend or husband who was a rockin’ dancer – not to mention that Patrick Swayze was darn sexy in the movie.

Alas, the promise wasn’t to be and Yair and I developed our separate interests:

Dance (Ayo)

Reading (Yair)

Volunteering (Ayo)

Weight-Lifting (Yair)

Jewish Community Involvement (Ayo)

Astronomy (Yair)

And so forth.

Our shared interests were surprisingly limited and I adjusted my perspective to something like:  I don’t need Yair to be a dancer.  I just need him to be supportive of my dancing.

…Until two months ago when Yair and I totally threw ourselves into the acroyoga community.  While it started out as “my thing”, he’s become totally smitten and is picking up the moves faster than I am.

Yair basing Ayo in downtown Austin

Yair basing Ayo in downtown Austin

It’s still true that we don’t need to do the same things to have a strong relationship.  Nevertheless, it’s romantic, refreshing and at times exhilarating to have this shared interest and passionate hobby.

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2 responses

20 05 2012
tamar d

What a gorgeous picture! This is truly adorable.

21 05 2012

Thank you, Tamar! 🙂

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