On Being a Matriarch

21 05 2012

You could say that I’m a bit behind some of my peers in that I don’t have three, two or even one child to call my own at the ripe age of twenty six.

Earlier this month, I decided that it was time to catch up.  My housemate Taylor channeled his boyscout skills into blowing up a kiddie pool, filling it with water and rounding up close to 50 frogs for a giant amphibian orgy.

I steered clear of the backyard for the event itself, but was amazed to find a tremendous amount of frog eggs when I visited the pool the next morning.  Within days, the fertilized eggs hatched into thousands of tadpoles who I adopted as my progeny.

I did a bit of research to learn how to care for the little fishies and am playing mama to these baby frogs each day.  It’s incredible to see birth and nature at work in our backyard.

Bonus:  Who would have thought that – at 26 – I would be a matriarch to thousands of little lives?  Ma, Dad… grandkids!!!  😀

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21 05 2012
Ay and Jay

Congratulations on being a mommy! So proud of you! Hopefully you can void those “I have you!” years… lol. Glad to see everything is going well and that you guys are having fun! Hope to see you guys soon!

21 05 2012

Wow, it’s great to hear from you guys! Since you haven’t updated your blog in forever… where are you at now?

Visit us in Austin! 🙂

21 05 2012

insane! are we related? 🙂

21 05 2012

Yes, we are!

Plus my friend told me last night that frogs always return to where they were born to mate the following year, so we may have just created a new habitat in Taylor’s backyard for next year’s couchsurfers and renters!!!

21 05 2012
Monica B.

Hahaha. This is awesome!

21 05 2012


21 05 2012

thanks!! 🙂

22 05 2012

To my grate sorrow, I once killed a colony of frogs in out back yard because I was worried they didn’t have enough water.

Make sure you give your frog water that has been dechlorinated, if you have to give it water at all.

Read more: How to Care for Frogs | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_12701_care-frogs.html#ixzz1vaQG63Np

22 05 2012

Thanks, Dov! My housemate is taking care of the water part, but I know that he has a bucket of water that has been sitting and instructed us not to use the hose, so we should be all good.

Sorry about your frog colony, but if a bunch of our tadpoles make it, I’ll name one of them after you.

22 05 2012
Katharine H.


22 05 2012
M. Weinraub

Big Momma Ayo has got a nice ring to it.

22 05 2012
Noah S.

Am I a terrible person for almost instantly trying to remember how tasty frog legs can be?

22 05 2012
Noam S.

ahahahahaahahahhaah, frog children, no diapers!

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