Flash Mob!

25 05 2012

One week ago, had you asked me my thoughts on flash mobs I would have said that they were cool at one point but had grown stale.

And then I was in one. And it was awesome.

Ayo flies in "Kite"

Ayo flies in “Kite”

Sunday was Austin’s Viva Streets festival, where over one mile of downtown 6th Street was closed to vehicular traffic and filled with music, yoga, zumba, and booths. Our friend and acro community leader Mateo decided to plan an acroyoga flash mob for 1:30pm in the heart of the event, and we joined in.

"Folded leaf"

“Folded leaf”

One person in our group threw down a mat and laid down on it, and soon there were about 20 of us synchronously flowing through partner acroyoga in the middle of a 6th street intersection. It didn’t take long for a crowd to gather around and start snapping photos and shooting video.

I want to do some more flash-mobby stuff. Try it out and I think that you’ll find it cool too.

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7 responses

25 05 2012

I obviously read this as Flesh Mob, which sounds like something entirely different (and horrible)

30 05 2012

That came afterwards and was significantly more gory.

25 05 2012

Nice to see so many healthy and fit people!

25 05 2012

You both look awesome!

25 05 2012

That looks ridiculously fun!!

27 05 2012

what’s supporting your weight in the 3 partner stance? happy you’re having so much fun

30 05 2012

Ayo’s arms! She’s a damn strong lady.

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