Burning Flipside: Yair’s Perspective

30 05 2012

Flipside is Austin’s Regional Burn, based largely on the principles of Burning Man. It’s pretty huge for a regional, with over 2,000 participants coming together for five days for a spectacular festival.

Through our friend Cara we ended up camping with the Time Traveler’s Tea House, which offered an “aloe-verium” for sunburns, body sushi*, and round-the-clock teas. Our camp was small, but it really felt like we were contributing to the city (“Pyropolis”) and we developed some great relationships with our campmates.

Advertising our camp's (free) wares

Advertising our camp’s (free) wares

I was so pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed Flipside. It has pros and cons vis-a-vis Burning Man, but having attended the “real deal” doesn’t detract much from Flipside.


  • Size: You can see everything, and if you meet someone you like you will see them again.
  • Privacy: Flipside is held on private land and no law enforcement is visible on site. Regardless of whether a participant engages in sketchy activities, this radically changes the vibe for the better.
  • Burn night: They do things right! For an event 25 times smaller than Burning Man, the Flipside burn night put on one hell of a show.
The effigy starts to blow!

The effigy starts to blow!

The main con for me has to do with size. Any of the large sound camps at Burning Man are pretty much guaranteed to have a crowd of hundreds – likely thousands – on a given night. Some of Flipside’s sound camps had great music pumping from fantastic sound systems, but the energy wasn’t always there. Sometimes it was, but that fever was hit-or-miss.
That said, what a great ultra-long weekend! I’m adding this to my list of things to have on my calendar.

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*Use your imagination, then use it a little more. It’s probably right.

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2 responses

31 05 2012
tiffany of camp1899

hey you two! just got caught up on your blog.. good to see that life is treating you so well, loved seeing & reading about all the adventures (and life changing) that has been going on.. thinking of you both! xo, t.

5 06 2012
Gregory Jackson Haley

Was wonderful to meet you and spend a length of time with Ayo. Hope to catch up in future. I love the fact my TARDIS 2.0 (blue Prius (Pipi) next to JESUS CHRIST ) made it in your photo shoot. I am very happy you found a new home in Texas. This was my first burn in 2007 and has a special place in my heart.

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