A Shameless Pitch and Request from Jerusalem

13 06 2012

Hello beautiful people!

I am going to make a short, sweet and shameless pitch.  I spend much of my time working on meaningful education, social justice and Jewish community-related programs.  One of the ideas that I generated at the conference I am attending in Jerusalem is less “deep”, but fills a niche and would be incredibly fun to read, write, live and share: Jewrotica.

It’s exactly what it sounds like and would include everything ranging from super-PG romance stories (think chaste “bonnet ripper” style) to exploring the sexual tension in communities that prohibit touch between men and women to all-out guilty pleasure reads that happens to be set in the Jewish community with Jewish cultural overtones.

Vote for Jewrotica!

Vote for Jewrotica!

The format could be full-length novels set in Jewish communities, a series of short stories or even true confessions brought together in a blog or book.  I have already received interest from writers and I am participating in an ideas competition that will only be open for the next ~12 hours or so until 8 AM Israel time (1 AM Eastern).

Check out the project here and please vote for it by clicking the website’s “Like” button.  A quick registration is required, but it only takes one minute to vote.

Thanks and – if this comes to fruition – you’ll definitely enjoy!  🙂

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10 responses

25 06 2012
Dani G.

I think I voted twice somehow. You only need two 🙂

25 06 2012
Ariela F.

Voted. Cool idea. Good luck! 🙂

25 06 2012

*sigh* I tried to vote. But after 3 hours of trying to get a confirmation e-mail to sign up, I’ve given up. Know I’m rooting for you regardless!

25 06 2012

Also, i signed up for updates. So I can see where this idea goes…

25 06 2012
Coby B.

Interesting idea. Is a ‘like’ a vote?

25 06 2012
Avigail G.

Saw your instructions too late, but you made the top 5! Yay!

25 06 2012
Daniel Whaley

Crap just reading this :/

25 06 2012
Dani K.

I think this is why the chassidim are banning the Internet.

2 07 2012

Interesting. That looks like a great idea.

2 07 2012

I’ll be running with it! I’m currently building out the website and will begin accepting submissions later this summer.

Perhaps you’ll spread the word? 🙂

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