Taking Two Months Off

17 06 2012

Earlier this morning I was talking with a friend about vacations when I had a flashback. Some months ago Ayo’s Oma (grandma) took us out to dinner. She mentioned that she reads the blog every day and I brought up shvil yisrael, the long hike that I was thinking about doing.

I loved Oma’s response: “So you’re going to take two months off for that?”

“From what?,” I replied.

“Oh, right.”

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3 responses

19 06 2012
Bernie Horowitz


21 06 2012
tiffany of camp1899

do you have serious plans to do this hike? i find this so interesting… and speaking of breaks, how do you feel if you take weeks off from blogging?

22 06 2012

The hike is definitely still in the back of my head. I don’t have a date or even a year in mind right now, but I’m betting that it’ll happen.

As for taking weeks off from blogging, I try not to. The blog is a good public journal for me and I like the idea of being able to look back on it in the future and see continuity. Also, I think that the more I write the easier it will be to write. Gotta exercise that muscle!

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