Work and Relationships

24 06 2012

Something surprising happened in June. It actually happened twice. Once was through a call and once was through a text, but they both had the same message: “I’m looking to hire someone. Are you interested?”

That feels good. And the positions were such that – if I was looking for work – I would seriously consider them. Both instances highlighted for me the importance of personal friendships. The phone call was from a friend who I worked with at Bear Stearns. He was one of the people who made working at the bank fun, and one of the reasons that he thought of me wasn’t just that I could perform well at the job, but because we enjoyed working together. Had I been interested in a job, the idea of working with him would have been a big draw.*

Back in my suit-and-tie days

Back in my suit-and-tie days, hawking my college

The text also came from a friend, and this potential job was in politics. The opportunity seemed (seems) very cool, but the idea of climbing the Tetons is more compelling right now. Regardless, these opportunities reminded me how important work friendships are. They reminded me that the best jobs tend to come from connections – not from the want ads, and that I’m glad to have developed real relationships with colleagues in the past.

So I’m still very much out of the job market, but I’m also glad that there are people out there who think of me when they are looking to hire. Maybe I’ll turn the tables and try to entice them to come on a climbing trip!

*Tom, if you’re reading this don’t let it get to your head 🙂

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