On the Road Again

7 07 2012

Greetings from Colorado Springs!  We are on the road again and I am wicked excited for our summer plans.

That said, being on the move is making me realize how much I enjoy the stability and community of Austin.  It’s a culture shock to be back in the mindset of finding boondocking spots, scheduling showers and wrestling with our internet connection.  I think that my nomadic days will be coming to a pause or close following the summer.

We’ve been doing more driving than ever before.  Covering larger ground has given me an excellent “big picture idea” of what parts of our country look like and has allowed me to overlay that mental image on the map of Texas.  Cool.

This is West Texas

This is West Texas

Lots of Wind Turbines

Lots of Wind Turbines

Grain Mills in West Texas

Grain Mills in West Texas

Shortly after we crossed into New Mexico, I commented to Yair how it all of a sudden smelled so good, like someone was BBQing or smoking food.  I then sheepishly realized that we were not far from the Colorado state border and – though we were 150 miles away from the forest fires – we could indeed see and smell the hazy smoke in the air.

I Was Briefly Enchanted As We Passed Through NM

I Was Briefly Enchanted As We Passed Through NM

Smoke From the Colorado Fires…150 Miles Away

Smoke From the Colorado Fires…150 Miles Away

Entering MOUNTAIN Time…Where They Have Real Mountains

Entering MOUNTAIN Time…Where They Have Real Mountains

Finally, it’s been fun to break certain stereotypes and reinforce others.  We drove by a rest area that boasted a corral instead of a dog walking area and we passed by a number of Biblically-themed stores near Amarillo.

There was a gymnastics group marching in the Lubbock July 4th parade with shirts that read “Corinthians 9:25“.   I asked an older man leading the group what the verse was and he responded:  “Oh, I don’t actually read that thing!  But I know that the Lord is watching over me.”  🙂

A fun fact:  If you’re at least twelve years old, you can buy yourself fireworks in the state of Texas without parental consent.  So on our drive out of Lubbock, we were surrounded by what may have been thousands of fireworks set off around us by city residents.  It was WILD.  (And a bit scary.)

Yair and I Made Sure to Stock Up on Testaments Here

Yair and I Made Sure to Stock Up on Testaments Here

My last observation is that – since leaving Austin – there are hardly any tattoos, gaged ears or unusual piercings!  It’s a strange shift and though I kind of like the break and return to “wholesome” expression, I miss the option of going top-free whenever I like.

The coming week brings us through Colorado Springs, Denver and Boulder to… Rocky Mountain National Park!  There will be many John Denver sing-a-longs happening this weekend.  🙂

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10 07 2012

Driving has become almost more enlightening for me than actually spending time in cities. Our mental image of the US is so much more accurate now – I can better understand the play of geography & demographics into culture differences across one (massive) country!

On the flip side, I actually “feel” physical distance from home. When it’s just a 5 hour plane ride from California to New York, the country doesn’t seem as wide. But standing on the shores of Lake Michigan, I feel all 2,000+ miles!

16 07 2012

Powerful. I hadn’t thought about it like that.

I think that my entire concept of geography and physical distance from family is probably a bit distorted because much of my family lives in Israel these days, making a plane trip necessary no matter what. But thank God for Skype video, right? 😀

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