Colorado Springs and Garden of the Gods

9 07 2012

Our time in Colorado Springs was fantastic and focused on two activities: visiting Garden of the Gods and reuniting with a friend. Each of those activities involved a solid RVer parking moment.

  • Ayo couchsurfed with a really great woman named Moni a few years ago. We met up for a 9:00 AM(!) breakfast at a bagel place. Parking? We overnighted about 300′ away, so our bed –> bagel shop time was about five minutes.
Breakfast with Moni and her boyfriend

Breakfast with Moni and her boyfriend

  • We spent two days at Garden of the Gods and were hoping to find a parking spot to overnight near the park. Well, we didn’t have to look far. At around 8 PM, they locked us in at the visitor center parking lot! Our solution to being locked in: make some Indian food, watch a TV show and go to sleep in the same bed as always – in the park.
A small part of Garden of the Gods

A small part of Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods was wonderful. We spent one day exploring the grounds and took another day for climbing, hiking, relaxing, and taking the scooter for a joy ride. Ayo even joined me for a few climbs and put me to shame with three quick and composed barefoot ascents. She’s a natural!

Yoga at Garden of the Gods

Yoga at Garden of the Gods

Boulder acro photo!

Boulder acro photo!

In the coming days we’ll be heading north into Rocky Mountain National Park. I’m not sure what our connectivity will be like there, but you’ll hear from us eventually. ‘Til then!

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6 responses

9 07 2012
Marianne Edwards

Hi Yair and Ayo,
Seeing this post about convenient (free) overnight RV parking made we wonder if you’ve discovered my new web site yet? is the “driveway surfing” equivalent of couch surfing. Would love to have you join – you’re welcome to camp at our place in Ontario, Canada any time!

16 07 2012

Hi Marianne!

Thanks for writing. Yes, we have definitely heard about the site through the NuRVers and Nomadia Facebook groups.

Yair is usually the one who scouts out our boondocking spots, but I’ll definitely pass the link onto him. Thanks for creating the resource and hope to meet you in person one day! 🙂

10 07 2012

Adding Garden of the Gods to our list now! We’ll be in Colorado in September.

16 07 2012


When are you guys coming back to Austin? We’d love a visit this fall. 🙂

26 07 2012
tiffany of camp1899

hey you two, we’re so disappointed to see that you came by us and we didn’t hear from you.. only 20 minutes from us while in boulder! and we love rocky mtn. national park.. ); safe travels. t & s

27 07 2012

Incorrect! We actually tried to get in touch with you three different times and were really bummed that you never replied because we had planned to spend part of the weekend visiting with you both.

I e-mailed you twice and Yair e-mailed you once at the Do you check that e-mail anymore?

I’m not sure what the disconnect was, but we did try to see you. 😦 Maybe next time!

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