Ford the River (and Avoid a Hangover)

16 07 2012

After exiting Rocky Mountain National Park, Yair and I embarked on a long drive into the state of Wyoming.  Little did we realize that we would end up overnighting at a historic campsite on… the Oregon Trail!

We kept our oxen close, guarded ourselves against dysentery and made sure to never ever ford the river – assuring our survival til the next day.

The Oregon Trail?! SWEET.

The Oregon Trail?! SWEET.

Sunset on the Oregon Trail

Sunset on the Oregon Trail

Sadly, Our Pet Antelope Did Not Make It :-(
Sadly, Our Pet Antelope Did Not Make It 😦

While driving the following morning, we realized that Wyoming is very sparsely populated.  We repeatedly traversed 30+ miles of driving through undeveloped terrain for each town that we spotted and many of the towns themselves were itsy bitsy.

We stopped in one of these podunk towns to purchase a no-kill mouse trap for a furry stow-away that had been hitching with us since the Rockies, when this magical story unfolded:

Two girls, probably 6 and 8 years old:  Oh, Daddy!  Candy, candy!  Candy, candy!

Their unimpressed father ignored the girls’ pleading.

Girls:  Daddy, can we please have money to buy candy?  Please?!?

Dad:  No.  Girls, Daddy needs to concentrate.

Girls:  Pretty pretty please?!?!

Dad:  Girls, Daddy has a hangover.  H-A-N-G-O-V-E-R.  I don’t know if you know what a hangover is, but it sucks.

The end.  That’s the whole story.  Yay for Wyoming.  🙂

Our New Wyoming Friends

Our New Wyoming Friends

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10 responses

16 07 2012
Chloe K.

I saw your mom in the Modi’in mall the other day, by the way. PS don’t get dysentery.

16 07 2012
Tzippy L.

How young are most of the people you’re friends with?

16 07 2012
דזאַנאַטהען מיי

i’m going hunting for bear!

16 07 2012
Marcos A.

i remember playing that game at my grandparents house on their computer…don’t know why i didn’t play it at my house? hmmm. preliminary investigation under way.

16 07 2012
Teri H

We recently drove thru Wyoming… and had the same observation about how sparsely populated it was!!

16 07 2012

Great post! I didn’t know the stats, but I sure felt the emptiness.

Too bad we missed you. Next time! 🙂

16 07 2012
J. Dane

I’m trying to remember whether my grandparents had Macs or PCs.

16 07 2012

Chloe, yeah! She told me. Awesome! Will try to avoid the dysentery thing.

Tzippy, fair question. Because we’ve been on the road, our crew is pretty diverse. Some of our friends are in their 40s and 50s. Most are in their 20s and 30s. And a handful (in our acro crew) are as young as 18. It’s for their benefit that I added the sibling comment.

דזאַנאַטהען מיי, in these parts, the bears will come a’hunting for YOU.

Marcos and J. Dane, Hi. No particular comments back atcha but didn’t want you to feel left out. 🙂

Off to sing campfire songs with rangers now because I’m cool like that.

16 07 2012

Love your blog, I have been following along for about a year now. We workkamp at the KOA south of Jackson Hole for the summer and will be hiking in the Teton’s tomorrow. Keep on keeping on, maybe our paths will cross.

26 07 2012

I wish you had come out of hiding a couple of weeks earlier. It would have been great to meet up.

We head toward Glacier later tonight. See you there? 🙂

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