A Street Artist in the Family

27 07 2012

The nearest thing that I might compare my family and upbringing to would be The Brady Bunch, which makes this story from my little sister (who has a proclivity of getting herself into good-natured trouble) all the much better. Told in her words:

Such a cool thing happened today!

I was waiting to meet up with a friend who was late and so I sat down in the New Haven Green, which is notoriously where the homeless people go to sleep and one of my favorite spots in New Haven. I looked down at this bench I was sitting on and  there was a poem graffitied right there on the bench that I snapped a picture of with my phone and it said:
Gates slept here
Cuz no one gave a fuck
Out here wit my new peers
And we all down on our luck

We all fear when we’ll feel our next buck
Yet despite the year’s sucked
We all downtown walkin’ wit a strut.
Street Art in New Haven

Street Art in New Haven

I thought this was SO awesome and I wanted to write back, so in the stealth of broad daylight, I took out a marker and graffitied the bench back, in limerick, like the original author:

God gave you strength so make sure to use it.
There’s love out there in the world, so remember you can do it!
God Bless.

Really hope he comes back and sees it!!

Rock on, Jess.  Rock on.

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