Free Access to Airport Lounges: My New and Foolproof Approach

26 08 2012

On a few occasions where I have had long airport layovers I have purchased “aftermarket” passes to airport lounges. They ran about $20 each and were in every case completely worth the money.

Earlier this week I flew from New York City to Austin with a layover in Dallas. At the suggestion of a flyertalk forum member I decided to try a new tactic. I walked right up to the American Airlines Admirals Club doors and took out my cell phone so I wouldn’t look too sketchy. Within 30 seconds someone walked by. I said:

“Excuse me, sir. I believe that you are allowed to bring a guest into the lounge for free. Do you mind if I accompany you through the doors?”

The guy didn’t say a word, but gave me a “come on” nod. I dutifully followed and was soon sitting down to breakfast. Sweet! (That guy never spoke a word to me. Whatever.)

Relaxing in LaGuaria Airport

Relaxing at LaGuaria Airport

When I arrived at the Dallas / Forth Worth airport I learned that my connecting flight to Austin was over an hour delayed. Same tactic! This time it took about sixty seconds for someone to show up, but the first person I asked said “Sure!” In the elevator he vented about his long day, and five minutes later I was indulging a chocolate craving on one of Ayo’s most favorite snacks.

Craving indulged!

Craving indulged!

I am sure that, as long as I dress presentably and smile, this tactic will work 100% of the time. Not necessarily with the first person I ask, but I am certain that I can be in any lounge within ten minutes.

Buying passes? Never again. Try it yourself and report back!

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3 responses

26 08 2012

Brilliant. I love it.

And I’m pleased that you nabbed the cookie. You have excellent taste in the culinary arts. 🙂

26 08 2012

Well that sounds like a good deal! We’ll have to remember that for future purposes. Have fun at Burning Man!

27 08 2012

Folks…I’m impressed how well you are handling it. Much better than some of the ugliness I’ve seen from much older (presumably wiser) couples separating.

One thing I am curious about…do you know what are Ayo’s and Yair’s Myers Briggs Personality Types (MBTI) ?

Good luck to you both.


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