Beginnings… Flying to a New Life

27 08 2012

It’s been a powerful and mostly positive week since Yair and I brought our relationship to a close last Monday, and I’m looking forward to sharing the highlights in the coming days.

At various points over the past month, I’ve allowed myself moments of feeling scared sh**less.  After all, I’ve never lived alone as an adult.  I’ve rarely gone grocery shopping or cooked.  And I’ve never had a real adult relationship outside of Yair.  I have so much to learn.

But I woke up this morning feeling empowered and ready to fly to my new life.  Due to a points promotion, my flights had been booked in first class and I decided to try the flip version of Yair’s lounge trick by inviting an unsuspecting traveler to come to the admiral’s club as my guest.  Well, it’s a good thing that I checked with the admiral’s club staff first because apparently flying first class doesn’t even allow me entry to the club!  Oh, well.  🙂

Life in the First Class

Life in the First Class

I made good use of my time at the gate by busting out the hoop and recruiting a handful of children and adults for free airport lessons – almost a tradition by now!

I reveled in experiencing first class – such comfortable seats, pre-flight drinks, hot towels, delicious meals and so much more.  I’m not much of a drinker, but I had half of a cocktail and was buzzed for the whole flight!  (Pathetic, I know.  What a lightweight.)

My Buddy Randy... And A Cookie.  Both Important.

My Buddy Randy… And A Cookie. Both Important.

I befriended my seatmate Randy, invited him to join me in watching a documentary film on my laptop and learned something interesting about myself in the process.  As outgoing as I am, there is a normative area of personal space that people – including me – are accustomed to.

By inviting Randy to watch the movie with me and by sharing my headphones with him, we automatically busted past that personal space and transformed from strangers to friends.  It was the slightest bit uncomfortable for the first few moments when we were mere strangers sharing a screen and a headset, but then it became totally comfortable and I’m so glad that I pushed past the socially-ingrained hesitations.

Full Service!  (aka Awesome Friends)

Full Service! (aka Awesome Friends)

Waiting for me in Austin was my rockin’ friend Grant who scooped me up from the airport, greeted me with a cold beverage and whizzed me over to the supermarket for a quick grocery trip.  Boy, do I have great friends.

See, Ma?  I'm Remembering to Feed Myself!

See, Ma? I’m Remembering to Feed Myself!

I am now back in Arvie, home sweet home, and have an exciting week of adventure ahead of me… including moving into my totally WILD new living arrangement.  Details to come!

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28 08 2012

I’d say that first class meal looks pretty epic, that’s awesome that you snagged the first class seat! I hope you have a great first week back in Austin, good luck on your new adventures!! Looking forward to hearing about them!

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