Adventure on the Hudson and a Bag of Blessings

31 08 2012

Boy, so much has happened in just one week! It almost feels like I’ve been “playing single” and everything from fueling up the scooter to grocery shopping to making a deposit at the bank has a certain novelty to it.

This post, however, is an update on two fabulous adventures from last week. Our friend Kayak Dov decided that – as a change from the intensity of my weekend – I should spend a light-hearted day of fun in the City.

I snagged tickets to a Fringe Festival show in the Village produced by a fellow ROIer, Dov snagged tickets to an evening Broadway production of Porgy and Bess and our excursion was on its way!

I Love Theater

I Love Theater

But there was one snag. We couldn’t fairly call an afternoon with KayakDov an excursion if there was no kayak… which brings me to the tip of the day: New York commuters, if you ever want to avoid the steep $12 George Washington Bridge toll and you’re bored of walking or biking the bridge, try kayaking!

We spent two hours on the Hudson leisurely making our way over to midtown Manhattan.  Crossing the Hudson by kayak is an altogether different experience and you get to see things that you otherwise would never notice – like the insides of a docked 1800s steamboat.  It was amazing!

The Start of Our Kayaking Journey - On the Jersey Side

The Start of Our Kayaking Journey – On the Jersey Side

My shoulders started to get sore after a while (a sign that my technique was way off), though Dov says that I am a natural and is trying to convince me to join him for a six-month kayaking voyage in Fall 2013.  (The route would start in Italy and roughly meander through the Greek Isles to Turkey, Cyprus and Israel.)  I’ll think on it.  🙂

Picnic Lunch in the City - Home Made Bread, Hummus and Pesto (Plus Wine)

Picnic Lunch in the City – Home Made Bread, Hummus and Pesto (Plus Wine)

Later in the week, I was embraced by a lot of love and by a cadre of strong and empowering women.  I hadn’t played Pictionary in years, but my mom and I went out for dinner and due to slow service at the restaurant, we invented our own version of the game.  Combined with our attempted scribbles, this was hugely laughter-inducing.

My dear friend Shira organized a gathering of women on Saturday night to come together and share stories of inspiration, strength and personal growth.  There was food, music, love, fire and stories.  What more could I have wanted?

Before leaving, each woman wrote a blessing, hope or positive affirmation on a piece of construction paper that was woven (i.e. stapled) into a chain of blessings.  I packed up my bag of blessings, carefully carried it onto two flights to Austin and it is now hanging in the RV.  So much love.

Rockin' Women Who Lead With Love

Rockin’ Women Who Lead With Love

My Chain of 11 Blessings (some are double-sided)

My Chain of 11 Blessings (some are double-sided)

Stay tuned: Next up are adventures (and misadventures) adjusting to life on a hippie commune in Austin (fine, technically a hippie co-op) followed by oodles of likely-censored stories from Yair upon his return from Burning Man.  Not to be missed.  🙂

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