Permanence, Happiness and A Hair Attack

6 09 2012

As a full time RVer for over two years, it has been strange to realize that Arvie has been stationary for the past eight days with no imminent plans to move.  I have been adjusting back to “normal people” life and – though I am still conservative in my use of resources –  it has been mind-blogging to have essentially unlimited water, electric and air conditioning.

Even weirder is the idea of paying rent.  On the first of the month and for the first time in over two years, I deposited my rent money in the house envelope – a bizarre Shehechiyanu moment.  (Though at just a few $K a year for membership in a community, a parking spot for the RV, utilities, wireless, laundry, house dinners, and a location minutes from downtown, rent at the co-op is pretty damn hard to beat.)

Empty Closets (Sorry for the Glare)

Empty Closets

Perhaps the strangest adjustment has been having so much space.  I know that you all will laugh at me, but Arvie was perfectly comfortable for two people who are close and communicate well.  Now that Yair has moved into his own place (details to come), I have almost twice the room and found myself a bit overwhelmed by the spaciousness and what to do with it.  I almost felt guilty about having so much space as one person, as though I was living in a mansion.  I guess you can get used to anything, right?  🙂

I’ve continued to experience Austin through friends, fun events and mindful interactions. Last weekend my friends Katie and Danny hosted a screening of the documentary film “Happy”.  It’s a great film that speaks to the crux of human happiness and it was fun to “check off” each item on their list as something present in my life.  The film was followed by a great conversation on happiness and life choices, and I encourage you to start a conversation amongst friends if you choose to watch the film.

So Many Ways to Be Happy! :-)

So Many Ways to Be Happy! 🙂

Otherwise, co-op life and house shenanigans are crazy as ever.  I’ve enjoyed free concerts, communal acrobatic jams, impromptu cooking sessions (I’m learning!!) and squeal-inducing late night water slide adventures.  Ah, to be alive!

I Can Cook Now! No, Really I Can. :-)

I Can Cook Now! No, Really I Can. 🙂

To give you a feel for the light-hearted nature in our house:

Caleb:  Ayo!  Have you ever given a hair cut?

Ayo:  Not really.  Maybe once or twice on Yair.

Caleb:  Perfect!  Come outside.

I proceeded to give our housemate Thorne a brand new ‘do and it wasn’t too shabby if I say so myself.

Caleb, Thorne and The Hair Cut Implements

Caleb, Thorne and The Hair Cut Implements

Properly Autographed... Post Haircut Hearts and "Product of Ayo" Tattoo

Properly Autographed… Post Haircut Hearts and “Product of Ayo” Tattoo

On a more meaningful note, I have started to explore the very interesting community of East Austin as well as look into local volunteer opportunities.  More information on that to come.
My nomadic heart is still strong as I hop on a plane to Atlanta tonight for the next four days for four Faces of Israel presentations and meet-ups with some wonderful friends.  Can’t wait!
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