Opera at the Supermarket… and a Fun / Ironic Photo Shoot

14 09 2012

This past Monday was my and Yair’s three week get-iversary, and we went out for lunch to catch up at Whole Foods.  (The national headquarters for Whole Foods is in Austin and it’s a mammoth of an institution.  Quite the experience.)

Yair casually commented that we should go out dancing some time and we figured “why wait?”  So – in the middle of the supermarket – we took the floor with ballroom histrionics.  The only thing that we were missing was a song, so I asked Yair to pick a tune and I would sing it for us.

Well, whaddya know, he had to choose Ave Maria and so I began belting out opera in the middle of Whole Foods.  The only problem was that I had no idea how it went or what the words were besides for “Ave Maria”, so I proceeded to make the entire thing up as we waltzed through the produce section.  It was pretty classic.

"Yayo" (as some of our friends call us) at Whole Foods - Still Friends

“Yayo” (as some of our friends call us) at Whole Foods – Still Friends

We went back to the co-op for some chill time, I creamed him at anagrams (sorry Yair) and we created a new code word: chest bump.  You see, our natural greeting used to be jumping the other person and that’s not so easily untrained.  So, in situations where we would have normally gone for a kiss (which used to be basically every situation ever), we now have a gruff chest bump or we just say “chest bump” as a nod to the emotion, our new situation and the humor of it all.

Speaking of finding humor in odd situations, Yair had been promising me since our wedding day that he would take me out in my wedding dress so that it gets at least two uses in a lifetime.  The wedding dress resides at my family’s house in New Jersey, which made it a bit logistically challenging to go out in the dress at any old time.

Pretending to Fight Like "Real Divorced Couples" Do

Pretending to Fight Like “Real Divorced Couples” Do

Because Yair and I were bringing our relationship to a close on August 20th, neither of our parents seemed very excited about celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary together with us on August 19th.  (Big surprise.)  We decided that I would pop the old dress back on, Yair would pull his tux out of the closet and we’d go out for anniversary milkshakes one last time.

But there was a catch: My older sister Rachael and her family were visiting from Israel and, by the time Yair and I finished going over separation logistics, Rachael and family were fast asleep in the basement… where my dress was!

A few minutes and some brainstorming later, we had a plan:  I had another white dress that I wore to the wedding hall and had bought for our first dating anniversary picnic. Crisis averted!  Yair and I dressed to the nines, played a bit of acro and generally goofed around with my little sister Jessica in tow capturing the highlights for us.

With no further ado, I give you our 5th wedding anniversary, pre-separation goofed out photo shoot:

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27 11 2012
fatma beda

i`m agirl from egypt i realy loved ur smile

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