Moving Again: Someplace Fantastic and Much More Permanent!

20 09 2012

Sometimes roommate situations don’t work out, and mine lasted about a week. The house and location were fantastic, but sharing the space wasn’t a good fit. So I went on a hunt!

A friend of mine told me that anyone who can find a place in a few weeks is a superhero. It took me five days! Should I start looking for one of those spandex costumes? A phone booth in which to get changed? Selecting my superpowers?

I am moving less than a mile away to a place and location that I am thrilled with. There are a few firsts here, but the two main ones are…

  • I will be living in a house. For the first time. Ever.
  • I will be living on my own!
Master bedroom

Master bedroom

Part of the backyard

Part of the backyard

Finding this place (furnished!) seemed very meant-to-be. I had been looking around and exploring a lot of possible roomshare arrangements and none of them seemed to fit. Yesterday morning I was sitting at a cafe and I decided that I was going to look for a sublet where I could live on my own. I wanted a place where I could entertain, cook, and live comfortably. I wanted good sound insulation, a good location, and a good price.

After a quick glance at craigslist I sent a quick email replying to an ad that looked promising. I got an email back almost instantly and learned that the place was six blocks away and I could walk over right then. I loved the place and Ayo came over to give the thumbs up (she knows what I like better than I do). Six hours later we had a handshake. Twelve hours later the lease was signed.

The kitchen

The kitchen

The house is a two bedroom with a large master bedroom that opens out to a huge backyard. It is in a quiet neighborhood but is also just a few blocks from two of Austin’s three main north-south streets. I get along really well with the owner, who is a fantastic woman in her young 30s. We signed the lease today and I’m psyched to move in on October 1st. (Whoah. A lease. Maybe I’ll be here for a little while?!)

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4 responses

20 09 2012
Sam Morrow

But more importantly…. Is their parking for a 40ft RV?
Congratz. I hope you enjoy having a place to call yours.

20 09 2012

Forty feet would be tough! I do think that there is room for a Class C, though. Maybe you guys will downsize 🙂

20 09 2012
Brenda A.

Congratulations! Looks like an awesome space. Very warm and inviting. Perfect for entertaining. Will you know what to do with so much space though??? 🙂

20 09 2012

I’ll have to figure it out 🙂

For now I’m just excited to live independently, have room to play some loud music and dance around, cook, and entertain. I’m planning a garden out back, too.

Got any other good ideas?

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