Don’t Accept Limits

31 10 2012

Last month ago I was talking with a friend about things to do and I suggested “Let’s run a 5K!” I used to run regularly, but that was nearly ten years ago. Since then… zero running.

I looked online for a training program and found Couch to 5K, a nine-week program that’s supposed to do exactly what it sounds like. After a few minutes of reading I thought: “Screw this.”

So I went out and ran 3.1 miles. Fantastic! My pace was 10 minutes per mile and I felt like I had pushed myself. Couch to 5K in ten minutes! Don’t accept limits, externally or internally imposed. You can do more than you think.

I'll be wearing my first bib in years

I’ll be wearing my first bib in years

Yesterday a friend gave me a discount code (from $35-to-free) for a Thanksgiving 5K run so I decided to enter. I figured that I had already shown myself that I could just get up and run a 5K, so why not? And then I got the confirmation email: It’s a five-mile race, not a 5K. Oh. Shit.

So I set a goal for myself. My 5K pace was a 10-minute mile so I thought that I would try to tack on those two extra miles while maintaining my pace.

But then I remembered what happened last time when I wondered if I could run a 5K, that I just got up and did it.

So I went out last night. And ran five miles straight. At a pace of 9 minutes per mile.

Fuck limits. Push yourself. Again, you can do a lot more than you think.

Do it.

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2 responses

1 11 2012

Nice – not to mention your sneaker choice… 🙂

Be extra careful for your knees, though. Props on doing this.

3 11 2012

love your enthusiasm, though watch out for too-much-too-fast shin splints… i’ve been sidelined by those more than once.

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