1 11 2012

I’m sitting in the RV, the music from my friend Larry Bach’s Kivvunim CD melodiously filling the space, and I feel blessed.  The day outside is lovely with clear skies and sun, and I have six full days to enjoy Austin before returning to my alternate home – the Austin airport – to fly out for my next speaking engagement.

It’s a leisurely day before me with prep work to do for my new project (Jewrotica), paperwork to do for my less-new project (Faces), some grocery shopping, a meandering walk about town and quality time going out with my gal pal Jes.  (Tonight will be the first time I go out dancing in Austin, and I am so looking forward.)  And I just opened the fridge and remembered that I have a juicy, cold grapefruit waiting for me – what a treat!

The Airport Personnel Got REALLY Into Halloween – Great Costumes

The Airport Personnel Got REALLY Into Halloween – Great Costumes

They Should Dress Like This Every Day

They Should Dress Like This Every Day

I was teaching in Minneapolis this week and returned home late last night with enough time to catch two Halloween parties.  The first was a relaxed family gathering of creative adults in their late 30s and 40s, and the second was my co-op’s Halloween bash.  Both were fun in their own way, but the first in particular was quite refreshing. The combination of older and mature people who still have a creative spark was wonderful to be around, and I hope to cultivate an older group of friends in Austin.

Earlier this year, I watched a documentary called Happy and it spoke about the importance of “Flow” in one’s life.  It is easier for me to share examples of flow than it is to define it.  Praying, singing, meditating, hooping, running, and washing dishes for an extended period of time are all examples of flow and lead to a state of elevation and vibrant energy or tranquility.  The beautiful thing is that flow is something we can choose and control in our lives.

Fun at the First Halloween Party

Fun at the First Halloween Party

I started today feeling both blessed and grateful, and I think that part of the reason is that I started with flow – unpacking my suitcase while preparing a gospel song, followed by uplifting Jewish music.  I haven’t checked my inbox yet and – when I do – I may be pulled slightly closer to the ground.  But by choosing how I am going to start my day instead of letting other people dictate that for me through messages in my inbox, I set myself up for what will be a beautiful 24-hour turn of the earth.

You don’t need to be religious or even spiritual to experience flow, so try it out and let me know what you think.

The Crew: Me, Sam and Jes

The Crew: Me, Sam and Jes

PS – A quick story:  Earlier this month, I did some manual labor helping a friend construct “Ecopocalypse” – a Halloween warehouse with an educational message. Ecopocalypse is set in a futuristic and post-apocalyptic  Austin where we have wrecked the earth, depleted our resources and are left scrambling to survive in a rapidly devolving society.  As a thank you for my help, I was put on the guest list and checked out the warehouse on Sunday evening.

The experience was interesting and thought-provoking.  When all food sources had run out, the people of this civilization turned to eating one another – breeding distrust, odd societal rules and general creepiness amongst humans.  The warehouse exit opened up into “Foodtopia”, a plentiful food truck court with tasty dishes to eat and literature to read.  It was meant to be a stark contrast and it was.

So, the story part:  While waiting in line, Ecopocalypse actors came over to interact with us in character.  They appeared to be in a daze, seeing visions, mumbling to themselves and warning us of what was to come.  Even my extroversion only goes so far, so I was standing at a distance and taking in the scene like everyone else – until I challenged myself to get involved.

My Frazzled, Vision-Seeing Zombie Friend - The Woman at the Entrance Kept Joking That He Wasn't Part of the Show!

My Frazzled, Vision-Seeing Zombie Friend – The Woman at the Entrance Kept Joking That He Wasn’t Part of the Show!

Another Futuristic Zombie Keeps Us Company / Stalks Our Group

Another Futuristic Zombie Keeps Us Company / Stalks Our Group

I walked over to one of the futuristic zombies and began interacting with him.  He proceeded to spout sixty seconds of prophetic poetry warning of what was to come.  So… I bugged out my eyes, put a blank stare on my face and made up sixty seconds of poetry back, right on the spot, telling him my observations of this world!

We went back and forth doing this for a good few minutes – my heart racing as a crowd gathered around to gleefully observe the interaction – and, when I couldn’t think of anything else to say, I pulled a wild card from my cultural pocket and started chanting in Hebrew.

In my most commanding and haunting voice, I lifted my hand up toward the zombie and recited the opening lines of Genesis (Breishit Bara Elokim Et HaShamayin V’Et Ha’Aretz…) and went on and on.  The zombie made some comment about my speaking in tongues, but I could tell that I had him perplexed, so I pressed on – this time in Arabic (Allahu Akbaru, La’Allah I’lla’Allah Wa’Muhammad Rusullahee…)  And with this, he started to back away and I won the match with the zombie!!  Later in the evening – once he was done for the night and out of character – the zombie ran over with a smile and congratulated me on being the only person in two weeks to actually engage with him and challenge him.

Going outside comfort zones for the win!  🙂

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1 11 2012

I don’t know anyone else that would/could throw down with a zombie… And WIN!!!!

And yeah, I gotta get my flow back, I get up every morning, these day, my head filled with tasks/chores/list of things that have got get done (but not this very minute!!!). It's just all wrong!

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