Achieving Time Travel

22 11 2012

My parents recently packed up a crate of home video tapes and mailed them off to a service that digitizes recordings.  The tapes spanned almost twenty years, and it has been amazing to “achieve time travel” through glimpses into these old worlds.

It’s been fun seeing my parents at not much older than my age, and seeing my little sister at age five and marveling at how cute she looked despite vividly remember the competition that fueled our sibling rivalry at the time.

It’s been a total blast from the past seeing a shy 6-year-old Amy singing songs (I was sweet?), a Barbie-like 15-year-old attempting a Spanish language cooking demo, a super girly 16-year-old oohing and aahing over makeup and a piss and vinegar 17-year-old kicking a** while cross-examining a witness in the statewide mock trial tournament.

With each clip, I experienced a bit of the awkward / mortified /  proud combination of feelings involved in looking back, but that’s probably par for the course.  I imagine that – five years hence – I will look back at my time in Austin with that same awkward / mortified / proud combination, but it’s all part of the growth and evolution process.

The first video is a laughable 10th grade Spanish demonstration where I try to teach my class Spanish baking vocabulary by making chocolate chip muffins… from a mix box.  🙂

The second video is a short compilation of different ages.  Warning:  If you’re not a blood relative or strangely into other people’s home videos, you might be bored if you try to watch the whole thing.  Otherwise, enjoy!

So this Thanksgiving, in addition to all the “normal” stuff, I am grateful that I am no longer as perfectly sweet as I was at 6, as cringe-ingly preteen-like as I was as at 11, as nauseously girly as I was at 15 or as brutally take-down and sharp as I was at 17.  Ah, to be the ripe age of 27…

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