Divine Birth – Turning 27 and Remaking Old Habits

13 12 2012

Written on October 10, 2012.  I never got around to publishing, so sorry this comes a bit late!

Today I turn 27. While I try not to be overly caught up in numbers, 27 feels more mature and grown-up than 26.  26 is still “mid-20s” and a time to goof around. For some reason, 27 feels like a time to get serious with myself and ramp up my contributions in this world.

In the near term, I have new projects and interests that require my time. But a month or two down the line, I may seek out a significant volunteer opportunity consulting for a non-profit in town working on migrant or humanitarian issues. I have a lot of expertise to offer and taking three afternoons a week to focus on a specific cause could do a lot of good in addition to providing a solid out-of-house experience for me.

Next Year, You're All Invited  :-)

Next Year, You’re All Invited 🙂

I tend to thrive on structure and have been feeling very unstructured lately. My current lifestyle is blissful but also a double-edged sword. Because I work for myself, I can choose to work whenever I’d like to. Because I live in an uber-social co-op, I can play whenever I want to. But this allows time and hours to easily flow into one another and days to sometimes feel “wasted”.

On that note, it’s time to debunk a myth! Most people think that giving away our stuff and moving into an RV was a wildly adventurous move. In a sense, it definitely was. However, here’s the unexpected part: In addition to getting you out and about the country, RVing also has the ability to make someone into a serious home body because you take your house with you everywhere!

Going grocery shopping and need a nap? Pull down the blinds and your bed is right there. Going dancing and you need a change of clothing? Hop into the RV and your closet is right there. When you are not specifically outside exploring and – especially for me – when my day is not structured, it is too easy to spend most of the day in a 24-foot box.

Body Painting - So much fun!

Body Painting – So much fun!

Meeting Strangers... My Pecan-Picking Friend Eric

Meeting Strangers… My Pecan-Picking Friend Eric

So, it’s time to remake old habits! I’m a bit too reality-based to make grand birthday resolutions, but – for the next 30 days – I am going to make some changes in my daily wrap by replacing junk food urges with handstands and homebody tendencies with an imperative to go out into the world each day and walk until I find someone or something interesting.

I already tried the latter yesterday and was delighted to encounter a man at Austin’s Festival Beach harvesting wild pecan nuts by the lake. I approached him, he showed me how to identify the nuts, we had a fantastic conversation and I spent 15 minutes acting like a total squirrel – holding the nut between my two hands and cracking each case open with my mouth.  🙂

Other fun early October events have included Succot on the rooftop of Whole Foods, Simchat Torah with Chabad, impromptu wall-painting sessions at the co-op, a free badge to the SXSW eco conference (details later) and my acroyoga and body painting birthday party.

This was my first year “on my own” for my birthday, so I aimed to organize a low-key but special celebration. I had been wanting to host a body painting party for over three years, but no one would have turned up if I hosted such an event in the observant Jewish community of Riverdale where Yair and I used to live, so this year was finally the year for it!

Pictures below. And 30 day challenge, you’re on!

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