The Start of a Grand (International!) Adventure

16 12 2012

I’m still riding high on life since last Sunday’s return of my usual “extra energy”.  The past week in Austin has been lovely with smile-inducing surprises, a celebration of World Hoop Day and an appearance in my choir’s 1950s Christmas Swing Spectacular.

Tomorrow I depart for a grand international adventure:  The first stop will be a brief layover in New Jersey, where I will have a few hours to swing by Yair’s grandmother’s 100th birthday party and celebrate with the family.  Then it’s off to Berlin for a few days to meet up with my swing dance buddy Dan who I haven’t seen since 2010!

By the time Shabbat rolls around,  I will find myself in Israel where I’ll be spending the next 2-3 weeks adventuring with family and friends, attending an international development conference and visiting an ashram where I will review a workshop for Jewrotica.  I’ll also take some time to reflect on the coming year and begin to feel out where life will take me in Fall 2013.

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There’s a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks… including an aerial silks class that I will be starting upon my return to Austin.  I have expressed an interest in aerial work for almost a year now, so it’s time for less talk and more action!  (You have to be strong for silks and – for the first time ever – I nailed three pull-ups in a row yesterday.  I’m getting there!)

‘Til then, my suitcase is packed, my eighth night Chanukah candles are slowly burning down and it is time to get some shut-eye before Day 1 of this grand adventure begins.  Layla tov!

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