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10 06 2013

My first post at Our Take on Freedom was over three years ago on February 8, 2010. Since then Ayo and I have put up nearly 700 posts that have been seen by more readers than we could have imagined.

This week I am launching a new blog! You can continue reading Ayo’s posts here and I invite you to follow my adventures at

Don’t Be So Serious!

I will be writing about finances, early retirement, music, food, and the guy across the street from me who plays banjo on his front porch.

You guys all rock. Click here to read my first post about wanderlust!





2 responses

10 06 2013

I checked out the blog and sent you a couple of comments via e-mail. It’s a beautiful layout. Good luck!

Your choice of title strikes me as ironic and yet fitting in a way, as it aptly speaks to one of our most differing viewpoints and divergent philosophies.

Yes, explore! Yes, be free! Yes, have fun! But goshdarn, BE serious. BE an actively contributing member of society. BE mindful and deliberate in all that you do. To take a leaf from the Boys & Girls Club where I’ve been volunteering, BE somebody to somebody.

Value your time on this planet. Be grateful for what you receive and pay it forward. Set goals beyond the four corners of your own home and self, and focus on reaching them.

Perhaps I am word-smithing. After all, despite my intensity, I frolick, I play and not a week goes by without (often unrecorded) antics and stories. And I’m sure (I hope?) that you too do something deep and contributing with your life. But what’s funny to me is not just your choice of blog name, but its juxtaposition against mine.

I may not migrate over to the new domain at any time soon, but a month or two ago, I registered a new WordPress blog titled Life Beyond Freedom.

Freedom is only a first step. Marveling at “being free” can only take you so far until the question of “Now what?” arises. We then become tasked with the opportunity to design our own lives, to take action and to make deep and meaningful contributions with mindful integrity – step by step.

I wish you luck with your blog. I wish you happiness with your adventures. Though you know my feelings on the matter, I wish you success with your current choice of partner. But I hope, I deeply hope, that you do not lose sight of the part of you that once was and could still be serious.

Though this sounds cliche, I often understand you better than you understand yourself. I know who you are, who you used to be, what you are capable of and what you still might offer this world if you choose to exercise your contributing muscles and get just a bit more “serious”.

None of us know how much time we have on this planet. But we were gifted today. You were gifted today. I was gifted today. Let’s use it.

10 06 2013

Thank you for your care and encouragement. I’m going to reply to this in a post on my blog and will update my comment with a link when that happens. In the meantime, don’t read too much into my blog title. I’m not advocating “not being serious about anything” as an all-encompassing approach to life 🙂

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