A Taste of June – Part 1 of 4

10 07 2013

I haven’t posted an Our Take on Freedom entry in nearly six weeks!  I very much enjoy the process of writing, reflecting and recording precisely how I spend my time.  There is something validating about holding myself accountable for the days and weeks that slip by, and the reflection process is key for mindfulness and self-awareness.  It is sometimes hard to get into the rhythm of starting a blog post, particularly when it involves sitting in front of my computer – a machine critical to my daily existence, yet at times too domineering in its presence.

The past six weeks have been the closest that I have come to a sabbatical or mini-retirement.  I was scheduled to be on RV tour with Faces of Israel this summer, but community requests for a fall tour instead have freed up my summer days tremendously.  So, what have I been doing?

A lot!  My four months of aerials training at Sky Candy culminated in self-choreographed beginner performances on the Silks (see above – crazy split at 2:00) and Trapeze (see below – lots of tricks throughout), though I also learned skills on the lyra, hammock, rope, pole and cube.

I have continued to incorporate music and song into my daily routine and I even sang at my very first wedding, where I bonded tremendously with my choir members (who know how to break it down!).

I had an epiphany vis a vis my efforts to improve my singing, and that was patience.  It will come.  My voice is young and undeveloped now, but – just like I once was not able to drive a scooter, nail a split or author a paper but can now do all of those things – this too shall come.

In fact, last night at choir practice, I had this insane in-body / out-of-body spiritual experience of being sung.  I had been working on a solo piece with a mentor in the choir and something just clicked last night.  One moment, Sondra was chastising me to “forget about Barbara Streisand – feel the Lauryn Hill in you” and, within the hour, I was so moved and inside the song that my entire body was shaking, my heart was beating fast and I felt like there was something beyond my control inside of me that was coming out.  It was powerful and, yes, spiritual.

With Linda, One of My Mentors in the Choir (Yes, I Know That the Blingy Chai is on Backwards)

With Linda, One of My Choir Mentors (Yes, I Know That My Blingy Chai is on Backwards)

Once I finished the song, Sondra turned to me and – after several exclamations of “Ooooh, oh girl!” – she said:  “You’re ready for your solo.  It will be this month, and you are going to reach people.”  Woa.  Wow.  Wow.

We Gotta Support Our Acro Partners!

I Became Fiercely Strong This Spring – And, Hey, We Gotta Support Our Acro Partners!

Here are a selection of other pictures from the outdoor jam with Grant:

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