About Us

2010 (In Abreu, Dominican Republic)

2010 (In Abreu, Dominican Republic)

2011 (On the South Rim of the Grand Canyon)

2011 (On the South Rim of the Grand Canyon)


2012 (On Mount Bonnell in Austin, Texas)

2012 (On Mount Bonnell in Austin, Texas)

About Us

We are Yair and Ayo – a young, married couple in the middle of an exciting journey in lifestyle design. After a good deal of planning and saving, we quit our jobs at 24 years old and are taking the next few years to explore our interests and see the world.

Technically, we met in high school, but we never would have hit it off back then!  (Different grades, very different social circles…)  Instead we reunited and began dating at age nineteen when Yair friended Ayo on Facebook.  Ah, a modern romance story.  We’ve been together for seven years (!) and still maintain many of the Jewish cultural traditions and practices with which we were raised.  For more background information about us, check out the FAQ.

About the Blog

We started Our Take on Freedom two and a half years ago to document our journey, explain how we got where we are and show like-minded people that they can do the same. We hope that this blog inspires and encourages you to do the things you want to be doing.

We also use this blog as a space for keeping the world in the loop on what we’re up to and what’s next for us. In sum, it’s part journal, part inspiration, part thought-mash, and part advice. Feel free to check out recent posts, or start reading from the beginning. Take away whatever feels good to you. Our goal is that you enjoy the blog and get something great out of it.

Let us know if there’s something we’re missing at ourtakeonfreedom@gmail.com

Text updated on June 21, 2012
Austin, Texas

9 responses

7 03 2010
Susie W.

You guys are hilarious. Glad you’re having a good time.

4 05 2010

Hi Guys,

Just found you guys thru Jacob at Early Retirement Extreme. I am really excited about learning about your adventures. Thanks so much for sharing!!

5 05 2010

And thanks for visiting!

How do you fit into the ERE/freedom mix? On your way there? Intrigued? Just starting out? Tell us more!

25 06 2010

VERY cool!

11 05 2011

Way to go…
We are doing it in the “old fashion” way,first marriage,then children,then carrier and now after the kids have their own families we are already on our 10th summer RV trip through N.America.
But we are ready to try to do it your way next time….
We wish you to do all the things you wanted to do but had no time till now-ENJOY.

13 05 2011

Thanks! Whichever way it’s done, what’s most important is following your interests – which is exactly what you’re doing.

16 06 2011

Whoa, 24? I’m 24 right now and starting my ERE journey, let’s see how i make it.
Greetings from Brazil!

16 06 2011

We’re 25 now, actually. Guess it’s time for an update!

Good luck with your ERE journey. Will you be blogging along the way?

10 01 2012
49th Week in Review: southern Arizona | Service Driven

[…] have also been following Ayo and Yair, who we have never met as they enjoy southern California.  Ayo and Yair are modern nomads, and […]

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