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22 02 2010
Marilynn Oleck

Dear Amy:
Dear Amy:

Thank you so much for your kind words about my cousin, and your appreciation of Linda May.

I could not afford to travel to New York, but Blaine told me all about the services and how people spoke up about how Linda made a difference in their lives.

It is somehow comforting to know that there are many people besides myself who will miss her.

9 08 2010

Marilynn, I just came across this comment again and your words were so sweet. Can I ask where you are writing from that New York is far to travel to?

12 03 2010

I really enjoy reading your stories about the people you’ve met. What a wonderful opportunity and life experience you’ve provided yourselves. I look forward to more! Rob

12 03 2010

Hey Rob! Welcome, and thanks for commenting! I just checked out your blog and look forward to watching that postal truck turn into a home. Time to start going through the archives!

9 08 2010
barbara j. levy

just a quick (Motherly) question. Do you have a way of keeping in touch with the world and what is going on in your area? This morning on NbC there was something about escaped convict(s) thought to be in, or heading towards yellowstone. I realize what is called the yellowstone area may be hundred or thousands of miles. just wondered how you keep in touch with the world for this type of news, road warnings and weather conditions. Just want you both to be safe! I truly enjoy your blogs about discovering the world and sharing with those not quiet as brave. Look forward to reading todays blog when i get home from work.

love, b

9 08 2010

Hi B!

Thanks so much for the concern – really. We actually have a post written about our connectivity on the road, and it should come out sometime soon. In brief, we have internet access on the road. 🙂

9 08 2010

I second Jay’s thoughts. We do a decent job of staying connected to outside happenings, Jay probably better than I. But I always appreciate hearing from friends and family, so thanks for the heads up re: Yellowstone! 🙂

8 12 2010
Daniel Ludevig

Loved reading up on your various posts from the past months. I’m storming through 4HWW at exponential rates. Can’t get enough of it! Len got it for me just before I left back to Berlin and, well, its a bible of sorts, isn’t it now.

Glad to see you’re both up to all sorts of mischievous fun and…..come to Berlin already, okay?!

Much love,

23 01 2011

You asked why geo-caches are harder to find in Texas? Yes, it is where they are hidden. Sometimes at the top of very steep hills/mountains, or way down in valleys. Just don’t think a couple of old people should be taking a chance on getting something broken way out in the boonies.

Thanks for your comments and your questions. Pidge 🙂

11 05 2011

Hi guys,
Great brave move,it takes guts and carriage to do what you do at your age.
We live in Israel and are RVing for 4-5 months in the summers every time to different States/Provinces since 2002, take a look
Wish you all the best.

13 05 2011

Thanks, guys! I’m heading over to your blog now!

29 10 2011
John Abert

I have to say, it looks as though you have a great blog, and one that I would enjoy reading from the beginning, to see how you got to where you are today, but I find it extremely frustrating when you have no widget that sorts posts by date, and no way to get to previous entries except by clicking the “previous entry” button way down at the bottom. There is nothing that tells us when these posts were made, how far back it goes, or anything else, and that makes for terrible navigation! I have never seen a blog before where you couldn’t find the beginning of it! This can easily be corrected in the setup panel. When I see it fixed, I will be back, otherwise i’m not going to waste my time with it. Please, don’t ruin a perfectly good blog by making the navigation so difficult!

31 10 2011

Hi John,

Fair point. You’re totally right. I just added a date-sorting widget to the homepage, and updated our About Us and FAQ with a link to our first post for those who would like to read ‘from the beginning’.

Thanks for the feedback,

1 08 2012

Thoroughly enjoying youe intelligent blog. Not too many in blogland. our blog? (Rolling Earthquake)

2 08 2012

Hi Charlie! Glad that you’re enjoying the blog, and I hope that we don’t disappoint!

Perhaps our Tiogas will meet one day. 🙂

21 08 2012

Good luck with your new endeavors. I have enjoyed traveling with you and I know you will love Austin. I live in Houston and make my way up there but not nearly enough. I am planning to be on the road in the near future which is why I was following your blog and since you aren’t going to be on the road any longer would you mind if I no longer subscribe? I will be checking in on you from time to time but it is more of a time management issue. So much to read and so little time!

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