Zion National Park

26 06 2011

Instead of a long-form post on Zion I’ll share some of the things that stick out in my mind, along with some photos of the gorgeous place (and some of Red Canyon).

  • Zion is HOT in the summer. At ~3,800′ elevation, the canyon floor was around 100 degrees every day, but there was a cool river to play in!
And We're There

And We're There

  • We’re in Mormon country. Everyone from here seems to be Mormon. The Mormons were the first settlers in Zion Canyon and mountains are named after biblical figures. One guy (adult) we met doesn’t watch R-rated movies. Most adults we know seek them out.
  • We found a boondocking site ultra-close to the park’s (main) southern entrance. Literally walking distance from the entrance station, quiet, and in the foothills of ridiculously gorgeous mountains.
Small Yet Tall Waterfall At Temple Of Sinawava

Small Yet Tall Waterfall At Temple Of Sinawava

  • The 2,000′ high red sandstone cliffs kick Sedona’s ass, and there are countless spots to sit down and enjoy them from. My fave: Temple of Sinawava, where you can relax next to the river on soft sand beneath towering sheer sandstone. Oh, and there’s a waterfall in front of you as well.
Bandanna-ing It Up

Bandanna-ing It Up

  • Realizations:
    1. You really need to spend some time in the parks to appreciate their beauty.
    2. Each park that we’ve been to has something unique to offer.
We’re now nestled into a spot near Bryce Canyon National Park. If the entrance to Dixie National Forest is any indication, this park is going to be stunning.

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6 responses

26 06 2011

Those parks are spectacular. I need to go back and enjoy them again at an age over 9.

30 06 2011

Yes, you do. Wanna hop a cheap flight over to Utah and join us here? 🙂

26 06 2011

LOVE that area of the country. I never tire of those gorgeous Red Rocks! Don’t know if you guys are thinking of heading up to Capitol Reef, but that’s a spot worth looking at. The drive over Hwy12 from Bryce to Capitol Reef is *stunning* (just take it slow). There’s boondocking up in the higher elevations in Dixie Forest near Capitol Reef (I remember a forest road right after Singletree Campground that looked really promising). I’ve got pics of both the drive & Singletree area on the blog. Nina

30 06 2011

Just spent the past three days at Capitol Reef – gorgeous, quaint and totally kicks the other parks butts!

26 06 2011

I too prefer to see things in deep instead of rushing all over the place just to say “I was there”

30 06 2011

Agreed. That was the thought behind us spending last fall in Reno and winter in Los Angeles. It allows you to really get a feel for the local environment, make friends and get involved in some way.

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