Questions We Get a Lot

  • Who is this site for?

Our friends, family, former colleagues and anyone interested in following our adventures on and off the road for the next few years.

  • Next few years!?

Yup. We plan on taking at least the next three years to do whatever excites us. We have a pretty good idea of what some of those things are, and will be regularly putting ourselves in new situations that will help us discover new passions and interests.

  • What will you be doing for the next few years?

A lot. Our first stop in February 2010 was a sweet free living / work barter arrangement at a luxury resort in the Dominican Republic. We then returned to New York to host a series of movie screenings (Ayo’s film is still in full swing). After a couple of months back in NYC, we bought an RV with which we are exploring the United States. The plan is to keep RVing through 2012, and then some international living is in store.

  • How can you afford to do this?

Frugal living while working stereotypically “good” jobs, combined with creative solutions.

  • Don’t you get bored?

Nope! Yair has a lot of interests and he likes to bounce back and forth between them. He enjoys reading, rock climbing, hiking, and a wide variety of other things. He also has a public education project called Astronomy on the Road, where he provides free telescope views of the sky and gets people excited about our universe.

Ayo prefers a bit more structure in her day, and spends much of her time on two projects.  She produced an educational film program called Faces of Israel that explores religious pluralism and civil liberties in Israel.  Part of her day is spent developing educational materials, booking gigs and lecturing at universities and community centers.  Ayo also volunteers part-time running drives for a bone marrow foundation, and enjoys hula hooping, dancing, meeting new people, and having awesomely vivid dreams.

  • Did you guys work before you began traveling?  Did you go to college?

Ayo: Yup!  Professionally, I did a number of things. Specifically, management consulting (the “good” job), film-making, education and dance.  I received my undergraduate degree from Johns Hopkins University in 2007, where I studied international relations with a focus on Arabic and politics of the Middle East.

Yair: Yes, I worked in finance and pursued lots of hobbies (astronomy, music, a brief but successful stint in powerlifting, etc.), but what the alarm clock woke me up for was a commute to Wall Street.  I went to the Macaulay Honors College at Queens College and graduated in 2008 with a focus on European history and the Enlightenment.

  • Why did you quit your “good” jobs?

We don’t like the idea of golden handcuffs – just because we’re smart enough to win the rat race doesn’t mean we want to spend our lives running in it. In our view, our jobs were “good” because they enabled us to take this time off and gave us some professional experience along the way. We excelled at our jobs, but worked to live rather than lived to work. When corporate number-crunching got old for Ayo and the time was right for Yair, we left.

  • Do you think you’ll go back to the corporate world?

Ayo: Nope. I’m not inclined to return to office life any time soon, though I could see myself working with a socially-oriented non-profit organization in the future.

Yair: Maybe, but the more time I spend away from an office the harder it is to conceive of returning to one.

  • Back to the basics. Who are you?

We’re a young couple, both in our mid-20s with a shared vision of what we want our immediate futures to look like: free, adventurous, exploratory, and an odd combination of relaxed and challenging. While we may be privileged compared to people in other parts of the world, for many of our readers we could just as well be you.

  • If this is Jay and Amy’s blog, then who are Yair and Ayo?

Jay and Yair are the same person! We both grew up in religious Jewish communities and have retained certain cultural practices, one of which is the use of Hebrew names.  The name Yair comes from the Hebrew word Or, which means light.  Yair means “to light up”.  Ayo and Amy are also the very same!  Ayo is the phonetic pronunciation of Amy’s initials (A.O.), as well as a Hebrew name from the Zohar, a Kabbalistic text. It’s a nickname that she goes by with friends and she only uses ‘Amy’ these days for professional speaking engagements.

  • Where do you live?

Ayo grew up in New Jersey and Yair grew up in a surprisingly nice part of the Bronx. We both live in New York City an RV!

  • What do you write about?

Anything we feel like. Many of our posts are about our experiences traveling – the people we meet and places we see. Some posts focus on practicalities, like how we did what we’re doing and insights we’re learning on the road. Feel free to check out a recent post, or start reading from the beginning.

  • What about your families?

Thankfully, our immediate family members are all healthy and are supportive of our adventure. Ayo’s grandmother is a pro at Skype video, and we’re pretty sure that our families will visit us on the road. We make a strong effort to keep in touch during our time away, and already know that we’ll be back in NYC at various points throughout our trip.

  • What are you guys doing for health care?

Paying a lot for it. (Though once we start traveling internationally, the rates should drop substantially.)

  • You’re in my town! Can we meet up?

Ayo: Sure! I love meeting new people and schedule permitting, I’d love to have you visit. Shoot us an email.

Yair: I’m the sketch-police. If you’re reasonably normal and our schedules match up, for sure. If you’re sketchy, not for sure but we’ll probably see you at Burning Man.

Text updated on June 25, 2011

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah


18 responses

6 03 2010

Hey guys I just found your site through Jonathan Fields and I love what you’ve got here. It’s great to see that you “made it” but quickly realized that life isn’t the one you wanted. My fiance and I are in a similar frame of mind and are beginning our plan to design our new life together, which means heaps of travel and some way to make money along the way. I’ll be following…

6 03 2010

@thedynamiclife –

Welcome – it’s always great to have another reader! Are you and your fiancee keeping a blog? We’d love to follow someone taking the same path.

Also, I’m curious where you saw us on Jonathan Fields’ site. Mind sharing the link?

Jay & Amy

7 05 2010

Hello, this is God. Nice to meet you.

18 08 2010

Hi Yoni. Good to know that you’re reading, too. 🙂

PS- For the benefit of other readers, ‘God’ is Jay’s younger brother. I suppose we come from a very prestigious lineage.

21 12 2010

if’n you find yourself in BC canada drop by Powell River! we are pretty sketchy here though. i run my vehicles on veggie oil and do lots of road trips. my brother is kayak dov and he will vouch for my sketchiness

6 04 2011

I like veggie oil, I LOVE kayak dov and sketchy usually means a fun time. Hope to meet you some day, Ari!

31 01 2011
Bob Difley

I liked your response to one of my blog posts on my RVBoondockingNews.com blog and checked out your site. It’s good, your writing style, ambitions, day to day take on the RV Lifestyle. I’m at the other end. I started fulltiming in 1992 and didn’t come off the road until last year. Keep the good posts coming. You are an inspiration to younger people to live life for life, not for money. Consider me a source as the voice of experience if ever you need one.

31 01 2011

Thanks, Bob! I enjoy your blog – keep it up as well!

7 02 2011

Hey there, found your boondocking comment in someone’s blog post from a tweet. Glad to finally meet someone younger than us on the road, although not sure if I should feel bad about being older. Sounds like we are in the same frame of mind, lifestyle design is an amazing thing for those that are willing to accept it’s power 😉

Heard you were thinking about swinging through Quartzsite with the NuRVers, bummed you missed it, but hope to meet you two on the road sometime soon.

The Stanley Crew,
Maria, Brian, Ernie and Buddha

6 04 2011

Hey guys! When you hit the road again in June, what direction are you heading?

6 04 2011
Trippin With Stanley

West again!! Plan to hit places we missed the first time around and probably visit some of our favs. from the first loop.

1 04 2011
Wanting "More"

I am so happy you guys have figured it all out, and so young, that’s amazing. Question: How did you know you “made it?” I am stuck in the same job but I don’t want to quit until I’ve made it, otherwise my parents say I am just a loser. 50K? 100K? A company car from Avis? Also, what are you going to use as the measuring stick for your life now that money is no longer an emphasis? Do you have a scale to rate the activities you take up and they good the do on to others? Being single, I was thinking of just coutning sexual partners. Best of luck, Stephanie Rosenblum recommended this can’t wait to keep hearing updates! See you at Burning Man!

6 04 2011
Stephanie Rosenblum

Ayo & Yair,

I have your blog website as my gchat status. I promote your site because I love seeing what you both are doing and couldn’t be more proud but also to inspire people to think outside the social norm. I have no idea who wrote that but clearly this person has nothing better to do than hate b/c they are miserable working 60+ hours a week, stuck behind a desk surrounded by the walls of their cubical, in their late 20’s and still only having drunken sex. Keep up the exploring and I will live vicariously through you! Love you guys!!

6 04 2011
Wanting "More"

Stepher, you misunderstood my post!!! Ahhh!!! I don’t really appreciate your comments, as I have had a full office (with Credenza) for a few years now (still mid-20’s), and I have had sex in the office with three partners (twice sober). Anyway, while I was poking some fun at you that was not the general message of my post. I do work a lot in the traditional sense, but I do find value and accomplishment in my work for both myself and others, so I am not complaining. I do not think it is right to criticize someone’s day to day life if their intentions are good, only the way they portray those day to day actions to others. Although I do think parts of the FAQ section come off as condescending, I have the background from you so I had already given the blog the benefit of the doubt. I don’t think I would ever be accused of pushing my lifestyle or choices on others, so please let me be and we can all experience different viewpoints and share our experiences. No harm intended in my original post. See you all at Burning Man!

6 04 2011

Wow, heated words being exchanged here.

@Fannie: Thanks for the explanation and it’s good to hear from you! We just met up with Aaron and Sharona this past week, and are going to be seeing Steph L. in Phoenix later this month. Wish you could join us!

@Wanting More: We can take a little ribbing, so no hard feelings. I can see how parts of the FAQ might have seemed flowery (we actually – unrelated to this – updated them yesterday to be a bit more straight-shooting). We busted our butts for so long and I was so burnt out from corporate that we were way proud of ourselves when we made the decision to step away and figure out “our take on freedom”. If that pride comes off as “look how great we are”, it’s not supposed to. We’re just excited about the decisions we’ve made and also about the opportunity to share them with others, and perhaps help other people that are looking to do something similar. See you in BRC!

16 04 2011
Comfortably Numb (Nummie)

Hello Ayo & Yair,

It was a pleasure and a surprise to meet you here in the slabs. You would most likely remember me as the person who set up and ran the internet at the Oasis Club and also one of the few Jews who have wandered here. Once upomn a time I also shared your desire to escape from the corporate life and see the U.S. but I couldn’t find the courage to do it until I was 35. I had few responsibility’s so I took off in an old class C rv to discover America. That was 18 years ago and I haven’t gone back. I have spent every winter since then here in the slabs and have seen many changes, both good and bad. I can see from your blog that you were able to overlook some of the bad and truly appreciate some of the good. Your lives will be better for it. Hope you come back sometime and share some more with us.


18 04 2011

Thanks for stopping by, Nummie! Like many Slabs visitors, we plan to be back at some point in the not-too-distant future. We’re looking forward to seeing you again there.

14 10 2014
bill and leyte

got your site address by a fellow beachcomber here in California, now that we are retired we have a little free time, moved to the desert area of Hemet, Ca, last year and hope to get over to slab city among other areas to metal detect, and just have a fun quiet time, take care and keep on enjoying life. leyte and bill

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