Visiting Family And Climbing

4 08 2011

And we’re back in Denver.

Last night Ayo and I landed at Denver International Airport about seven minutes apart. She was returning from even more camp gigs with Faces of Israel, while I was on my way back from a trip visiting family in New York.

Highlights of my trip included a three-month-late surprise birthday party for my dad (with family at my grandma’s place), seeing friends, and taking my brother Yoni climbing. He had only climbed indoors prior, so I was willing to haul my gear to New York to let him experience the other side.

Blairstown Crack

Blairstown Crack

We went out in disgustingly humid weather to the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, specifically to a place called Rick’s Rocks. There are a lot of good top roping routes there, and I taught Yoni the basics of anchor building as we set up. After doing his first rappel, the climbing was on. At first not realizing that cracks in the rock were actually helpful things, Yoni was stymied for a bit toward the bottom of the first climb (Blairstown Crack), but once I had mercy and told him that the crack exists for him to jam body parts into he got the hang of it.

Yoni On The Last Move Of "One Bowl Ceiling"

Yoni On The Last Move Of "One Bowl Ceiling"

Fun times. I’ll be taking him again.

Funny anecdote: One of the TSA agents that saw a 200′ rope strapped to my pack got really frustrated with the rules. “I can’t believe that you can bring that on a plane. Sure – bring a rope that you can tie everyone up with… But God help you if you bring a tiny pair of dull scissors! This is so dumb!”

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3 responses

6 08 2011

Put a helmet on your brother.

7 08 2011

I appreciate the advice (command?), but as weird as it is to say this, my “little brother” is an adult. He brought along a helmet and wore it for one climb, but in the end he decided to take it off for the second route. I advised him against it, but he’s 20 years old and can make his own decisions.

9 08 2011

You are right. No offense was intended.

I enjoy your blog very much. Thanks for posting.

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